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White Long Lab Coat – Full Sleeves | Doctors Lab Coat (Unisex)

White Long Lab Coat – Full Sleeves | Doctors Lab Coat (Unisex)

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  • Colour:White.
  • Material:Suiting Fabric (65/35)
  • Fit Type: Regular Fit, 2 Large Pockets.
  • Sleeve: Full Sleeve.
  • Suitability: Doctors, Nurses, Health Care Professionals, Lab Students, Physical and Chemical laboratory professionals.

Excellent quality unisex coats. A Professional Medical Lab Coat. Custom Styled for Men and Women. Suitable for all Medical Professionals to include Doctors, Nurses, and more. Low Shrinkage One of the Best Selling Lab Coats available for Third Level University Students.

White Long Lab Coats (Full Sleeves) are perfectly designed to ensure your safety in a lab. Excellent quality women's coats. A Professional Medical Lab Coat. Custom Styled for Men and Women. Suitable for all Medical Professionals to include Doctors, Scientists, Dentists, and Nurses. Low Shrinkage One of the Best Selling Lab Coats available for Third Level University Students.

  • Perfectly designed for comfort during work
  • 2 Large Pockets
  • Regular Fit
  • Suiting Fabric
Quality & Care
  • Quality: 100% Original Products
  • Type: Medical Uniform
  • Fabric: Suiting Fabric (65/35)
  • Care: Machine wash.Not Bleach ResistantTumble dry medium temperature
Delivery & Returns
  • Free Delivery on all orders
  • Pay on delivery available
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Check Uncompromising Quality on Full-Sleeve White Long Lab Coats

Discover unparalleled quality with our full-sleeve white long lab coat, tailored exclusively for medical professionals. Crafted to endure the rigors of your demanding work environment, this lab coat epitomizes durability, functionality, and style. Engineered with precision stitching and premium materials, it ensures lasting performance and comfort throughout your shift. With ample pocket space and reinforced seams, it accommodates your essential tools while maintaining a polished appearance. Elevate your professional image and confidence with our uncompromisingly high-quality white long lab coat. Choose excellence and reliability.

Details of our Lab Coat

Elevate Your Professional Attire with Hirawats stylish lab coats. Here are some details include:

1. Material

Crafted from premium suiting fabric(65/35), our lab coats offer durability, comfort, and a sleek appearance, ensuring you look polished and professional throughout your day.

2. Fit Type

Designed with a regular fit, our lab coats provide a comfortable yet tailored silhouette. With two large pockets, you can easily store essential tools and devices, keeping them within reach for quick access during your busy shifts.

3. Sleeve

Featuring full sleeves, our lab coats offer maximum coverage and protection, shielding your arms from spills, splashes, and contaminants in the workplace.

4. Suitability

Perfect for a wide range of healthcare and laboratory professionals, our lab coats are ideal for doctors, nurses, lab students, and physical and chemical laboratory professionals. Whether you're conducting research, performing procedures, or attending to patients, our lab coats are designed to meet your needs with style and functionality.

Experience the difference with Hirawats full Sleeve Lab Coats – order yours today and elevate your professional attire to the next level.

Features of our Lab Coat

Our White Long Lab Coats are perfectly designed to provide unparalleled comfort during your workday. Whether you're attending to patients, or conducting experiments, our lab coats ensure you can focus on the task at hand without distractions.

1. 2 Large Pockets

Equipped with two generously sized pockets, our lab coats offer ample storage space for essential tools, devices, and personal items. Keep your pens, notepads, smartphones, and more within easy reach, allowing you to work efficiently and effectively.

2. Regular Fit

Designed with a regular fit, our lab coats offer a comfortable yet tailored silhouette that flatters all body types. The thoughtful design ensures ease of movement and flexibility, allowing you to perform your duties with confidence and grace.

3. Suiting Fabric

Crafted from high-quality suiting fabric, our lab coats offer durability, breathability, and a professional appearance. The fabric is soft to the touch, ensuring all-day comfort, while also maintaining its shape and structure even after repeated washings.

Quality and Care

1. Quality

At Hirawats, we pride ourselves on delivering 100% original products of the highest quality. Our medical uniforms are meticulously crafted to meet the stringent standards of healthcare professionals, ensuring durability, comfort, and functionality.

2. Type

Our medical uniforms are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of healthcare professionals. Whether you're a doctor, nurse, or allied health professional, our uniforms are tailored to provide the perfect balance of style and practicality.

3. Fabric

Crafted from premium suiting fabric (65/35), our uniforms offer the perfect blend of comfort and durability. The fabric is soft against the skin, ensuring all-day comfort, while also being robust enough to withstand the demands of your work environment.

4. Care

To maintain the quality and longevity of your Hirawats medical uniform, we recommend machine washing. However, please note that our uniforms are not bleach-resistant. For best results, tumble dry at a medium temperature to preserve the integrity of the fabric and ensure a crisp, professional appearance.

Delivery & Returns

At Hirawats, we prioritize your convenience and satisfaction. That's why we offer a seamless delivery and returns process to ensure your shopping experience is nothing short of excellent.

1. Free Delivery on All Orders

Enjoy the perk of free delivery on all orders placed with us. Whether you're stocking up on essentials or treating yourself to something special, there are no additional shipping costs to worry about. We believe that exceptional service shouldn't come with hidden fees, so shop to your heart's content without any delivery charges weighing you down.

2. Pay on Delivery Available

For added flexibility, we offer a convenient pay-on-delivery option. Whether you prefer to pay with cash or a card upon receiving your order, we've got you covered. This ensures that you can shop with confidence, knowing that you'll only pay when your items are safely in your hands.