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Medical Scrubs

Medical Scrubs OR Surgical scrubs are the standard uniforms for the staff working in a medical institution or hospital. The doctors, nurses, and other staff need to wear these scrubs for long-duration, even more than a day. Then must serve them with the Perfect fit and Custom Medical Scrubs.

The majority of the Doctors trust Hirawats Custom Surgical Scrubs when they have to choose the best quality scrubs. These scrubs are well-known for their high-quality breathable fabric that keeps the user’s skin safe and soft.

Even these customized scrubs pass through multiple rounds of strict cleaning just to ensure that they retain their original color for a long time.

Importance of Custom Medical Scrubs

In the medical industry wearing quality, scrubs is more important than anything else. The long-time comfort and protection from bodily fluids or direct contact from any contagious disease shows the importance of Custom Scrubs.

Hirawats Custom Scrubs are designed so that the user will get maximum comfort for an extended period by spending a small amount of their hard-earned money. Moreover, these scrubs have passed a strict cleaning test to offer the best custom scrubs to their users.

Customized medical scrubs from Hirawats

Why Choose Hirawats for Custom Medical Scrubs?

You must be wondering why we are recommending Hirawats Custom Doctor Scrubs? They are India’s top manufacturer of personalized medical scrubs made up of the best quality and durable fabric. Still, you are not convinced about getting your quality surgical scrubs from Hirawats.

Then the following enlisted reasons will surely convince you.

Top Quality Medical Scrubs at Lowest Prices Ever

With an added advantage of the best quality material, Hirawats also serves its clients to have personalized Medical Scrubs as per their preference. You can customize them as per your choice. It means you can get your favorite color regular fit custom scrubs in different sleeve lengths.

Hirawats Scrubs are available at pocket-friendly prices without compromising the quality of the material used for these customized scrubs. This factor says a lot about the brand.

Scrubs with Own Branding

Add Your Own Branding for Personalised Scrubs and Lab Coats

The manufacturer serves you an opportunity to get an added privilege to save huge advertisement costs. Yes, you heard it right. You can add your own branding to Hirawats Custom Scrubs as a technique for indirect advertising. It is a straightforward and economical process.

All you have to provide your logo to the Hirawats team for adding that logo to your custom medical scrubs with perfection.

Get 10% Off on Custom Medical Scrubs from Hirawats

What if you want to buy Personalised Medical Scrubs with a brand logo that too at a discounted price? Sounds appealing!!! Everyone loves to save their money, especially while shopping for their quality scrubs. So, here Hirawats for making their customers happier, giving a Straightaway 10% discount on Custom Medical Scrubs.

For getting more details about such discount offers you can reach them on Even you can ring a bell on +91 9885053576. Also, you can drop your inquiry mail on [email protected] for instant resolution of all the queries.


Undoubtedly Custom Medical Scrubs is bliss to the staff of any medical institution. Top-quality scrubs at affordable prices are essentials for a medical professional. Here Hirawats Custom Scrubs protect them from contagious infections and allergies.

Hirawats scrub suits are made with breathable and comfortable fabric that helps you all-day comfort. Hirawats collection of gender-specific personalized doctor scrub suits are fade-resistant and long-lasting.

These customized scrubs fulfill every criterion of quality, comfort, and skin protection. So, you can own your custom stitch medical scrub at a reasonable price across the country.