What to look at When Buying Medical Scrubs?

Medical Scrubs

Premium Quality

Scrubs that are available at Hirawats are manufactured using materials that boast of the best Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) you can find in Indian markets.

There is a history of Scrubs being worn by surgeons in the 18th century.

In those days, there were rarely many qualified nurses to assist surgeons, and they had to do it all by themselves.

Now there are a dozen nurses to assist surgeons at OTs, the demand for medical scrub uniforms has expanded exponentially.

Scrubs’ quality depends upon the clothing material and design, which speak of the uniform’s reliability. 

scrub with premium quality

Comfortable and Style

Hirawats never compromise the comfortability factor as uniforms need precision and comfort for the wearer’s maximum efficiency. The items are soft on the skin and made with sustainable fabrics.

Women always look for a fashion statement in every product they wear. Keeping this in mind, Hirawats has designed and introduced unique colors for their uniforms. Navy bluesea greenlight greyteal, and many other colors are available for choice.

This idea of introducing fashion into medical garments is unique and helps draw out an audience. 

Comfort and stylish scrubs with pockets

Pockets Store

These uniforms have pockets embedded on the top layer to help bearers store items into them. Often, the medical tray may not be sufficient or useful in storing regularly used items like stethoscopes or pressure meters.

The Hirawats’ medical scrub uniform comes with a storage unit that holds a couple of things easily into it. 


These scrubs find usage with nurses, surgeons, doctors, and any other personnel in the medical industry. Medical scrubs for doctors are breathable, manufactured with a modern fit in mind, and are very long-lasting. 

Therefore, doctors do not need to throw these performance scrubs away after a couple of surgeries. They can also purchase the medical scrub suit online from the Hirawats Online store, which guarantees the best deals. 


Hirawats is a name to reckon with in the uniform industry and has served multiple clients over the years, like Hindustan Petroleum, Indian Oil, Airtel, Novotel, by manufacturing corporate uniforms for them.

Hirawats have also been associated with major hospitals and clinics for medical uniforms, scrubs, and other wearables necessary in this field. They have always provided rich fabrics at great prices and deals with a reliable client support system that resolves queries and provides assistance speedily.