What Should We Do If We Received a Damaged Item or Wrong Product in Online Store?

What Should We Do If We Received a Damaged Item or Wrong Product in Online Store?

Shopping from an online store for anything is very common, as almost everything is available online. But often, the received item is not as per the order or possesses some defect, which makes the returning or exchanging an unnecessary lengthy procedure. But with everything else, even this section has been showing some improvements over time, making the steps to be taken as minimal as exchanging defective products from the clothing store.

When such a defective product is received, or one wants to cancel the placed order, all they need to look for is given on the website or the store app in detail. And it is necessary to follow the same for hassle-free return or refund. The procedure for return, cancellation or refund is explained in detail on the portal.

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Checking of Return or Exchange Policy Checking of Return or Exchange Policy

Checking and understanding the refund and exchange process while shopping online for clothing is necessary. Each website or app that sells apparel over the internet has a different return or exchange policy that involves refunding money on applying some pre-specified conditions. Understanding the same before placing any order over the platform is essential. This clear understanding of the mentioned points makes it an easy purchase or sale for the parties involved. Some online stores also offer a customization policy, and when purchased through that, they do not offer the procedure of return or exchange, let alone the refund of money paid. Awareness of this keeps the person ordering very alert about the specifications entered onto the required fields.

Returns and exchange facilities are provided while shopping online clothing, and they need the delivered item to be returned to them in the same condition as received, unused and without the wash. If the person comes to the doorstep to collect the defective item and finds out any of such actions taken by you, they straightforward reject the return or exchange facility. Every clothing store selling clothes need the tags on the clothes attached as they were during the original sale. Otherwise, the option of return or exchange is unavailable for the customer.

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When Money Refund is Preferred When Money Refund is Preferred

When the order is placed over the online store, and one wants to cancel the same for some reason, they have to initiate the request of cancelling within the specified time mentioned on the website or the app. Also, the specified and already in place procedure is to be followed by the person for cancellation and refund.

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Likewise, everyone else hirawats also has a specified return or exchange policy and conditions for easy refunds. The exchange policy of the hirawats is applicable only for damaged products or when incorrect size is delivered except for customised and embroidered products as they are final sale. The process for return is to be initiated within 14 days from the delivery date.

The request is to be initialised through email on the customer service. In case of cancellation, the procedure must be initiated within 24 hours of placing the order. The whole order is to be cancelled; the merchant does not accept partial cancellation.