New Athleisure Inspired Scrubs by Hirawats (Press Release)

Athleisure Inspired Scrubs for Men & Women

Hirawats, a recognized leader in uniforms and workwear in the apparel industry, has launched Premium Athleisure Stretch Half sleeve medical scrubs for male and Athleisure Stretch Half sleeve medical scrubs female healthcare professionals.

The gorgeous blue-black color reflects professionalism in the medical field. The Hirawats online store is going to make it easier for medical professionals to get their hands on these tailored and durable scrubs that strike the perfect balance between modernity and optimal functionality.

Professional Look and Safety

With a roaring legacy of 66 years in the textile industry, Hirawats has once again proved why it has remained an industry favorite for so long. 

The latest Men’s and Women’s Activewear doctor scrubs blend a unique combination of styling with the brilliant V-neck design and comfort.

Likewise, the poly-spandex material is extremely durable and is a perfect fit for everyone involved in the field of health and medicine. 

The anti-bacterial, moisture-wicking, and anti-bacterial properties of this scrub material ensure that the medical professionals stay dry, cool, and safe all day. In addition to feeling the dynamism and professionalism that the scrubs represent.

Athleisure Scrub Features

Product Features

The high quality, durability, and styling of the medical scrub show the culture of improvement that has made Hirwats what it is today. 

The new Athleisure-inspired scrubs stand out in the market because of their dynamic features.

  • Tailored V-neck styling for a modern and professional look. 
  • Performance Scrubs made with poly-spandex material. 
  • The top has stretch panels along with a V-neck, half sleeves, two bottom pockets, and one chest pocket.
  • The bottom is completely elastic with Athleisure stretch and drawstrings along with two side pockets.
  • These doctor scrubs have 5 pockets in total.
  • The uniforms are sold as a set.
  • Available in Blue-black color.
  • Super soft and Superflex activewear 2 way stretch scrubs for comfort and flexibility.
  • Made with a quick dry technology, it can be easily washed by hands or by a washing machine.
  • Embroidery options provided by Hirawats.

About Hirawats

Founded in 1954, Hirawats is India’s leader in uniform and workwear design.

Hirawats has become the go-to brand of professionals as a result of the expertise of Abik and Anik Hirawat.  

The 3rd generation entrepreneurs have taken the brand to a whole new level, thanks to the quality and customization that they focus on.