Medical Uniforms & Hospital Uniform Manufacturer and Suppliers in India

Medical & Hospital Uniform Suppliers

Hirawats is an established Hospital Uniform Manufacturers and workwear manufacturer in India. The outfits they create for student employers are produced in their state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities.

Their expertise lies in providing hospital clothing suppliers and fashion apparel, providing foreign schools, small schools, colleges, healthcare organizations, etc.

A brand established on ethical working practices and years of experience in the textile business, Hirawats is celebrating its 60+ Years of Legacy in the Industry.

They began their voyage in 1954 in the city of destiny – Visakhapatnam – and have been flying high in the sky of hospital uniform manufacturers in India ever since. 

Medical Uniforms for Entire Hospital Staff

They manufacture an astonishing choice of long-lasting hospital staff dress male using only the highest-quality fabrics in your state-of-the-art manufacturing plant, which they own and operate.

Because of the extensive range of customizable products and designs they can provide, they are a market leader in the uniform manufacturing industry and the preferred brand for parents, students, health professionals, service industries, and cooperatives when it comes to their uniform requirements.

High Level of Excellence – Most Trusted Brand

They exclusively work with the greatest quality fabrics for your hospital staff uniform, which are skin pleasant and long-lasting. Because all of the cloth they use is yarn-dyed, there is no pilling, and the color fastness is excellent. You can even go through their extensive hospital uniform list to select your requirements.

Quality is First Priority

A devoted staff with extensive expertise in apparel manufacture has an exceptional facility with a six million-square-foot footprint and specialised machinery. They can create more than 60,000 pieces every month—Apparel Park Vija specialist manufacturing plant that solely produces uniforms for them. They make sure that the client is met, such as hospital staff uniform colors, choice of fabrics, etc. 

Massive Manufacturing

They can get the most excellent pricing for the hospital clothing suppliers because of their massive manufacturing and direct procurement from mills, and they pass this benefit forward to their clients. Also, customers have up to 14 days from the date of receipt of the products before making a payment to them.

payment Multiple Payment Options Available

All of Hirawats products are available for purchase through different payment options. Thus, you can go for any payment option to purchase the best medical uniforms without worrying about the mode to be used for purchase.

In addition, the firm also offers free shipping and Cash delivery options for clients who do not want to go for any digital payment mode.

24x7 24X7 Customer Support

Hirawats is a brand that believes that the customer is king! Thus, they have organised customer care support where clients can get assistance for every issue with the uniform, payments, return & exchange, refund until delivery order.

They even assist their clients with customized embroidery and printing on uniforms. Using the most advanced embroidery and printing technologies can ensure that the logo and the brand are appropriately represented on the uniforms.


Hirawats objective is to supply the highest quality uniforms to its customers while also serving as their “one-stop-shop” for all their uniform needs, including long-lasting uniforms for the military and law enforcement.