If Medical Scrubs are Banned in India? What will Health Industry do?

If Medical Scrubs are Banned in India? What will Health Industry Do?

The medical scrub is an essential part of the health and wellness industry. Without this piece of apparel, their life and health are at significant stake with infections and viruses in the surrounding. As the medical staff has to deal with infections, diseases, and severely serious patients almost every day, being in contact with them increases the risk of spreading the infections around hospitals and homes or other surroundings is dangerous. But to save them from this, medical scrubs work as the shield of protection worn by the staff for their complete duty.

This medical uniform of theirs has become an integral part of apparel now. Also, many hospitals have made it compulsory to wear the scrub as and until the time they are working. Many have created customized scrubs representing their brand name for each hospital unit for easy recognition.

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What if the Uniform gets Banned in India? What if the Uniform Gets Banned in India?

This is impossible to happen, but this thought makes it necessary to have a certain alternative for the scrubs in case of some unseen emergencies. A hospital scrub can be switched with something comfortable yet a thick cloth of a dark color to absorb the stains. Before these medical uniforms, there was an apron of green color that many professionals in surgeries used to protect themselves from stains and infections. Also, they can use a white coat except in surgeries where they can carry the notepad or equipment with them, just like scrubs allow.

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Safety Should Always be the Preference Safety Should Always be the Preference

It doesn’t matter what uniform or clothing is used in hospitals or how well it usually is customized by the management, but the safety of the staff involved should always be their topmost priority. A customized uniform, medical apron, or nurse scrub, whichever medical uniforms the hospitals use, should be of good quality and comfort, offering the staff security and access to perform all the needed activities. It is okay to look for a bit of differentiation in the color code or design to make it easy to identify the department. Still, it must ensure the prevention of spreading viruses and infection.

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One-Time Use and Throw Doctor Coats

Option of One-Time Use and Throw Doctor Coats Option of One-Time Use and Throw Doctor Coats

When thinking about the alternative for scrub, the on-time usable doctor scrub can be the option to implement as it will not require the heavy maintenance of cleaning and sanitizing. Also, it will save the nurse from the responsibility of carrying safety until washed thoroughly and appropriately sanitized. But with convenience, this kind of hospital scrub will bring with it the responsibility of disposing of the scrub once used. It will require the staff to ensure the use and throw doctor’s coat is disposed of properly to not begin the spread of any infection outside the premise.

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Even the thought of disappearing medical scrub brings fear to the minds of many staff and patients. Hirawats has come up with the option to use and throw doctor coats that can save the team from heavy and regular maintenance but will also ensure their safety during working hours.