Give your Scrubs that Personal Touch with our Embroidery Options

Text Logo and Embroidery Logo

Adding some form of embroidery to your scrubs adds a certain personal touch to it. Basic scrubs that you usually get seem to appear very monotonous and boring. 

By adding your customized embroidery design to it, you can add a certain charm to it. 

Are you aware that you can get text embroidery, logo embroidery, and many more other embroidery variations done on your scrubs? If you don’t, then keep reading.

Text Embroidery

Text Embroidery

It is compulsory for hospital staff like doctors and nurses to wear scrubs, whenever they are in the hospital premise. 

Scrubs are made of various base materials and usually they all appear the same. Wearing the same kind of scrub over and over can get very boring.

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That’s why Hirawats has come up with text embroidered scrubs options.

Now you can get any text embroidered on your scrub as per your choice. 

They have various custom embroidery options and various interesting embroidery font options to choose from.

Other than that they also customize scrubs with counted thread embroidery, outline embroidery, whitework embroidery and others.

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Logo Embroidery

Logo Embroidery

If you want the hospital staff to carry the logo of your hospital or organization on their scrubs, you can get the logo embroidered.

Every medical organization has a unique logo and sometimes it gets difficult to have them embroidered on the uniforms, exactly in the way you wanted.

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The embroidery options at Hirawats allow you to have any logo customized on the scrubs with utmost precision.

They use the latest embroidery techniques like candlewick embroidery, patchwork embroidery, shadow work embroidery, fish scale embroidery to provide you with the perfect logo on your scrub that you have desired.

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Text with Logo Embroidery

Text with Logo Embroidery

Sometimes getting the logo embroidered on the scrubs is not adequate, as the name and designation of the individual needs to be embroidered as well.

Hirawats specializes in text with Logo embroidery options that you can choose from.

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To get the scrub customized all you have to do is choose the font option, enter the design of the logo and add in the font details to be included.

They have various options made available for you to choose from.

Medical Scrubs


1. Can I embroider my scrubs?

Yes you can certainly get DIY embroidery done on your scrubs if you know how you embroider on cloth.

But the design may not be uniform and the logo design you make may vary from others.

Most hospitals want to make sure that each individual is wearing the same kind of scrub with the same logo, as it symbolizes uniformity.

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2. How do you customize scrubs?

Getting your scrubs customized is very easy.

All you need to do is submit our desired logo and choose your font type along with the text that you want to be included in the Hirawats scrub customization page.

They will take care of everything from there.

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3. On what side does embroidery go on scrubs?

The side where the embroidery has been done is usually on display, so it goes on the outer side.

4. Where do I put the logo on scrubs?

It depends on the specifications mentioned by the organization you work for. It could either be on the left side of the right; there is no rule.