Customize Medical Scrubs Using Embroidery

Professional medical Scrubs

Scrubs are a necessity in the medical premises. The scrubs act as a protective shield for the healthcare workers, and it also keeps the workplace clean and safe for the patients. However, scrubs can be customized as per the requirements. Customized Scrubs can bring a distinctive style to your personality. There are various ways to customize scrubs; some are mentioned here.

Customize Medical Scrubs Using Embroidery

One of the best ways to customize scrubs is to add embroiders to the scrubs. At Hirawatsonline, we provide custom embroidery that allows you to add text or graphic designs to your scrubs.

The embroidery scrubs will look attractive and eye-catching. You can also add a professional touch to your scrub by mentioning your name or department’s name on your scrubs. We also provide printed scrubs, where one can add colours and textures to their scrubs.

Suppose, If you work at a children’s health centre, you can add pictures of cartoons and video games to your scrubs. We also provide customization, under which you can add your own branding to the scrubs.

Scrubs Available in Different Colors

In a chaotic place like a hospital, it becomes challenging to identify personnel appointed on different posts. So, to provide easy identification of the staffs, we also offer scrubs in different colors. The differently coloured scrubs will give a distinctive identity to each group of staff in a healthcare facility.

Scrubs in multi-colors

Reversible Scrub – Option Available in Hirawatsonline

We also provide reversible scrub, which is comfortable to wear. These reversible scrubs made by Hirawats are long-lasting and sustainable. The scrubs are made with skin-friendly fabric that allows them to be worn for longer working hours.

Pockets & Other Adjustments

If you work at a healthcare facility, you must know how essential pockets are in scrubs. Healthcare personnel carry around pens, pads and other medical supplies and scrubs with pockets are very helpful. At Hirawatsonline, we offer customization of scrubs with pockets for the convenience of the medical professionals.

Scrubs with pockets

Why Choose Hirawats Medical Scrubs

Hirawatsonline is the best platform that provides various ways to customize scrubs. We offer embroidery scrubs with custom embroidery and printed scrubs as per your requirements. We also provide scrubs in different colors that provide you with a unique identity. By choosing Hirawatsonline, you can add your own branding on the scrubs and make it look professional. The scrubs produced by Hirawats are best in class and durable. You also get medical scrubs at a reasonable price by shopping from us.

Customized Medical Scrubs


Medical scrubs are the equipment of necessity in a healthcare facility. Medical scrubs provide protection to the healthcare workers as well as the patients. Scrubs can be customized as per customer requirements. 

We at Hirawatsonline, offer the best customized scrubs made up of durable fabrics. The fabrics we use are skin-friendly and make the scrubs wearable for longer working hours. Hirawats online also provides hassle-free shopping, easy returns and cash-on-delivery.