Colored Lab Coats – Impressive and Functional for your Needs

Lab Coats

Are you sick of wearing the same old lab coats to work? Do you want your lab coat to make a statement? Hirawats can assist you! 

We provide a wide range of modern and well-fitting options to shop colored lab coats for men and women, improving your professional attractiveness. 

Hirawats coloured unisex lab coat is designed to order to meet your specific preferences and functional needs.

Finding the proper shade of lab coat has always been a challenge. If you need some specific colored lab coats to match your professional uniform needs or preferences, Hirawats will instantly assist you.

From its appealing range of numerous colors and types to the made-to-order lab coat solutions, Hirawats meet all your expectations.

Lab Coats with Colours and full sleeve, half sleeve

Why Wear Colored Lab Coats?

For all the laboratory professionals, having health and medical wear colored lab coats is always a necessity. First, they protect medical professionals from any chemical allergies by covering their bodies. They also help them stay away from infections as they can always catch any sort of stain or medicine and chemical spills over them if they wear these. 

Wearing medical and pharmacy consultation coats also helps the pharmacists be caught easily among the crowd of the hospitals, thus ensuring ease for the patients. 

High-Quality Lab Coats that Enhance your Style

Hirawats carry colored and skin-friendly lab coats in a variety of sizes to fit different bodies. It helps you find petite sizes such as extra small, small, or medium. Similarly, an appealing plus-size assortment ranges from XS to 5XL for a comfortable fit throughout the day.

Hirawats always promise to deliver the best! Colored lab coats from Hirawats are made from the finest fabric blends, ensuring consistent quality after wash. For individuals who respect quality, Hirawats also provide made-to-order and embroidery services at fantastic pricing.

Lab Coats Wearing Men and Women

Lab Coats that are Ideal for Men and Women

Colored unisex lab coats available in Hirawats online store have various designs and color options, including the following:

  • Cuff sleeves
  • Pink lab coat
  • White lab coat
  • Sky blue lab coat
  • Grey lab coat
  • Brown lab coat
  • Navy blue lab coat
  • Full and half sleeve, and much more

The best quality lab coats for men and women are available at unbeatable prices and are environmentally friendly, thus reducing biological waste. These colored lab coats are stretchable and durable and are available in comforting and softer fabrics to ensure an all-day extended usage.


When you wear the colored lab coats available at Hirawats, you’ll look beautiful and have unrivaled durability. Hirawats provide top-of-the-line lab coats at unbeatable costs in numerous colors, designs, and sizes. 

Hirawats colored lab coats are handy, with moisture resistance, antibacterial properties, and excellent storage to keep you running all day. 

Contact the helpful customer service representatives from Hirawats today to have your favourite lab coat delivered to your home. You can also get customized orders and bulk orders delivered at your doorsteps as per your comfort.