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Coloured Medical Scrubs

Are you planning to get the latest designer medical scrubs? But, are you confused about what all to look for and where to look for? Hirawats online store is the one-stop destination to offer the best medical scrubs for doctors.

High Fashionable and Stylish Medical Scrubs

Hirawats offer a more comprehensive range of medical scrubs, and the store is widely popular for scrub suits for doctors online India. These scrubs have the best quality material with designer texture and elegant appearance to best fit the medical professionals. 

You can buy hospital scrubs online in India for different sizes and different fits. The scrubs offered by Hirawats are perfect scrubs for nurses and doctors and fit best with the latest trend. These scrubs also come with an option of customizable designs apart from the stripe design, matte finish, and much more.

Medical Uniform Scrubs with Stylish Designs

Modern Trendy Unisex Scrub Suit Design

Unisex scrubs are also available to meet the requirements of modern-day medical staff and hospitals. You can get half sleeves medical scrubs or the full sleeves medical scrubs based on varying demands or according to the changing seasons. Unisex designer scrubs for doctors are readily available at the online store of Hirawats.

Available in Multiple Colors

Hirawats offer different colors and shades in the broader portfolio of best scrubs for doctors and medical staff. Here is a list of all the color and design options that you can get for the scrub dress online:

Brown Scrubs
Natural Matte Medical Scrubs
Violet colored Scrubs
Sea Green Medical Scrubs
Blue self stripe Medical Scrubs
Grey Medical uniform Scrubs
Pink Medical uniform
Brown Scrubs - Natural Matte medical scrubs - Violet colored scrubs - Sea Green medical scrubs- Blue self stripe medical scrubs - Grey medical uniform scrubs- Pink medical uniform

Sustainable and Breathable Fabric

Hirawats provide the best scrubs for doctors, and these are made of blended cloth material and are the best fit for long-lasting usage. In addition, these scrubs for hospital staff are made of breathable fabric, ensuring that the hospital staff always feels comfortable and relaxed even with their daily usage. 

For the medical staff, who currently even have to wear the PPE kits 24*7, these scrubs made of softer and breathable fabric helps ensure extended comfort for them and saves their skin from rashes and skin infection.


Hirawats has a broader collection of products for medical staff and doctors, including the best scrubs for doctors and nurses. These are highly durable and comforting and are the best choice of medical uniforms for any professional. They are available in various colours and designs, and you can also get a customized one based on your demand.