Why Should you wear a Lab Coat in the Laboratory?

Lab Coat for Medical Professionals

Hazards and perils exist in every work area. They can disguise and take multiple forms like flying sparks, sharp edges, chemicals, falling objects, and a myriad of other potentially treacherous situations. 

A lab coat is the most unsung hero for those people whose career is mostly confined in a laboratory environment. It is highly impossible to visit local laboratory confinement and not peek at a glimpse of dozens of lab coats being stapled equipment are used all over the facilities.

Hirawats present you with the most durable and protective lab coats. That offer boundary protection and reinforce a safer work environment.

Seven Reasons Why you should wear a Lab Coat in a Laboratory

1. Protective Material

At Hirawats you avail the best semi-fire retardant medical lab coats. The ideal material for a lab coat for men is polyester cotton and for women is 100 per cent cotton.

The polyester-cotton lab coat material offers ease of maintenance and offers chemical resistance. The 100 per cent cotton medical lab coats offer semi-fire-retardant properties. 

2. Safer Workspace

The Hirawats lab coat for men, women, and students ensures lab safety with its fabric. Also preserves you from potential harms like hazardous splashes, residue, stains, and burns. The lab coats keep you in control and conscious of your work area.

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3. Barrier Protection

Hirawats white lab coat provides substantial barrier protection. It shields your arms and chest from linking or coming into direct contact with any potentially hazardous substances in laboratories.

4. Fast Removal

The Hirawats Lab Coats are prepared to eliminate any risky like press studs or dangerous spills. It also rapidly eliminate a fire very quickly to promptly and separate yourself from the hazard.

5. Clothing Protection

A lab coat available at Hirawats protects regular clothing from laboratory contamination including dust, dirt and non-obvious contamination lingering in the work area.

6. Prevents Cross-Contamination

Hirawats lab coat for students prevents cross-contamination, keeping the lab coat secured in a laboratory. That preventing and reducing any such happening in other areas.

7. Professionalize your Look

You can amp your look like a professional with a good and clean Hirawats lab coat. The medical lab coat entitles your identification and gives you the distinction of a laboratory specialist in the field.

Types of Lab Coats

The lab coats that are available at the Hirawats website present affordable and budget-friendly materials ranging between Rs. 440/- to Rs. 550/- per lab coat. You can avail a decent coloured range of lab coats from the most trusted website- Hirawatsonline.com. A clean, professional, and sharp-looking lab coat creates an aura of competence and seriousness.

Hirawats produces a durable, fire-resistant, clothing and barrier protecting medical or safety lab coat to provide better harness and protection.

If you are trying to purchase an affordable and durable and trusting lab coat? Remember to hit the Hirawats website to check your purchase.