Why Scrub Suits for Doctors: The Complete Guide

Why Scrub Suits for Doctors: The Complete Guide

Scrubs are Medical Uniforms all staff wear in hospitals or clinics. This system of having a uniform type of professional dress code for staff is implemented to prevent both doctors and patients from infections. Implementing scrubs brings a sense of responsibility and professionalism to doctors and nurses. It protects the clothes from stains.

This protective dress code is usually a combination of a t-shirt and pants. It has a simple design, decent color with accessible pockets, and is easy to wash. Nowadays, scrubs are identified by color code with the section a person is working in. Greens are tied with the staff involved in surgery, and blue is assigned to other hospital staff used by professionals, nurses, and the supporting team.

Uses of Medical Scrubs

  • Scrubs are the best hospital uniforms, mainly used to protect staff  members and patients from infections and viruses.    
  • It keeps the inside layer of clothing safe from stains of blood and other medicines. Also, this marks the pathogens coming from outside at bay from patients.    
  • It eases the task of identifying hospital staff from other patients and their relatives waiting in the lobby or accompanying patients in the room.    
  • Medical scrubs offer the staff comfortable clothing and make it easy to carry the necessary types of equipment along while visiting patients.    
  • When wearing a PPE kit over a scrub, the person still gets a smooth and comfortable feeling in the scrub.    
  • As the green color helps give eyes a bit of rest, especially during long surgeries, the blue color of other staff offers a sense of peace and comfort to patients.
The Durability of Medical Scrubs

The Durability of Medical Scrubs

Doctor Scrubs are usually long-lasting, but their durability is affected by the type of use or environments they are used in. Medical scrubs used by the other staff are highly durable as they can be reused after a good wash and sanitisation, while scrubs used during surgeries are primarily for one-time use. The durability of a Professional’s Scrub is longer than the surgical ones, but when examining a patient with a severe infection, the scrub is usually thrown away.

The design of the dress also plays a considerable role in the durability of scrubs. It is essential to keep the clothing soft, air-breathing and comfortable. The simple scrub design and large compartments make cleaning and sterilizing the uniform easy. Professional scrubs can be manually designed as per the need of every hospital or sector. Type of cloth, color, and design can be chosen for the uniform online.


Medical Scrubs are more of a necessity than a type of uniform for the healthcare sector as it plays a vital role in protecting doctors and patients from transmitting infections and viruses. It is customizable as per the need of the hospital and has a long-lasting life. It brings a sense of responsibility and professionalism to the staff.