Why do we use Spun Fabrics for Medical Scrubs?

Medical Scrubs with Spun Fabric

So what are Spun fabrics? Spun fabrics are materials that are produced by yarns composed of short-staple fibre. Medical scrubs are an essential part of every healthcare worker as they protect and promote a clean and sanitary environment. 

Spun fabrics for medical scrubs play a significant role in medical applications to ensure protection and prevention against infections and diseases. There are a few reasons, but the primary reason why Hirawats prefers spun fabric for medical scrubs? Is its ability to blend cotton in it, increasing the lifespan. Here, you will understand why doctors prefer to choose the Hirawats medical scrubs.

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Why do we use Spun Fabrics for Medical Scrubs?
Reasons why Spun Fabrics are Useful?
Advantages of Spun Fabrics?
Why do Doctors Love Our Medical Scrubs?
Customized Scrubs Available for All Sizes

Why do we use Spun Fabrics for Medical Scrubs?

With an increase in the need for a resistant material in healthcare sectors, many healthcare professionals prefer durable and comfortable medical scrubs. Spun fabrics for medical scrubs can help in the fight against contamination and the spread of infection in a medical environment. 

Spun fabrics are eco-friendly products with a soft texture and breathable quality that provide immense comfort for healthcare professionals during long and tiring days. Additionally, the scrubs composed of spun fabrics are stronger, more regular, wrinkle-free, pill-resistant, more lustrous, and come in various colors.

Medical Professionals with Comfortable Scrubs

Reasons Why Spun Fabrics are Useful?

Spun fabrics are beneficial and hold importance in making medical scrubs. It is an excellent material that is skin-friendly with improved finishes, including liquid repellent, virus-proof, and bacterial barrier properties.

The fabric helps healthcare professionals walk around with ease, saves them time due to its wrinkle-free, pill-resistant properties and high tensile strength with durable characteristics. 

Advantages of Spun Fabrics?

A few advantages of the vast use of spun fabric scrubs in the healthcare sector are:

  • Spun fabrics are composed of synthetic fibre filament with good strength and elasticity.
  • The medical scrubs formulated of spun materials provide immense strength, high durability and stretch comfort for healthcare professionals.
  • Spun fabrics medical scrubs offer crisp, crepe-resistant, and easy to wash and dry characteristics.
  • Spun fabrics with cotton retain good moisture absorption, low static electricity and avoid fuzz and pilling.
  • Another splendid feature of spun materials is it’s easy to dye and finish, comfortable to wear, easy to wash, available in multiple bright colours and enhances the appearance.

Why do Doctors Love our Medical Scrubs?

The last thing you’d want during a busy schedule at the hospital is discomfort and itching fabric. This is why doctors prefer Hirawats medical scrubs. The medical scrubs are of premium quality that holds characteristic features like wrinkle-free and pill-resistant, and that feels butter-soft to touch with perfect stitches and immense comfort. 

They are so far the best medical scrubs for doctors and nurses. They feel soft and make a fashion statement, and offer outstanding professional functionality like perfect stitches and superb comfort. The best thing about Hirawats medical scrubs is that they can easily handle both the machine and hand washing.

Customized Medical Scrubs with LOGO

Customized Scrubs Available for all Sizes

Hirawats offer customized ultra-smooth medical scrubs for all sizes. You get the freedom to prefer the size with customizable options like the extra length of the body or the sleeve, regular fit, perfect fit, or oversized fit. Hirawats offers both standard and plus size fit so you can walk around your facility with ease and comfort. Irrespective of the customization for all sizes, Hirawats never compromises its premium quality and characteristic features. 

You have the freedom to place bulk orders so that you avail affordable uniforms with the convenience of putting them online without the need to visit an offline store. Hirawats holds its record as the most trusted brand in India due to its premium quality medical scrubs for health professionals.

Medical scrubs are of utmost importance in the healthcare sector. Spun Fabrics for Medical Scrubs add additional benefits to the professional, boosting their comfort and ease. The fabric not only provides comfort but also tends to protect and prevent contamination.

You can order the premium quality, durable, and affordable medical scrubs online from India’s most trusted brand- the Hirawats Online store.