Why do Frontline Doctors and Nurses Wear Medical Scrubs?

Why do Frontline Doctors and Nurses Wear Medical Scrubs?

All medical staff in hospitals and clinics serving patients wear scrubs. Especially professionals and nurses engaged in cases of critical and severe infections or complicated surgeries use scrubs as a protection shield. Other staff can wear hospital scrubs as an additional layer of clothing. These scrubs limit the spread of viruses and infections through air and contact with others.

Each section in the hospital or clinic has a dedicated type of scrub to use. They wear the doctor scrubs as safe gear, but it also provides accessible pockets to carry all the required equipment while taking rounds or inspecting patients.

How to Choose the Best Scrubs?

When choosing the best suitable scrub for the staff following are the points to be considered and discussed with medical uniform stores.

  • It is necessary to use regular or stretch material for easy movements without any body parts exposure.    
  • Then comes the shape of the neckline to be kept closed, circular or v-shaped for uncomplicated wearing and removal.    
  • Chest pockets and patch pockets are critical points to decide on, and also suitable sizes of patch pockets for carriage of equipment and notepads.    
  • Color, design and customization of scrubs are also necessary, along with the type of sleeves used in scrubs. It is essential to decide on plain or prints or embroidery for tops while fixing drawstrings or buttons for pants.
How to Choose the Best Scrubs?

Comfort and Mobility of Scrubs Comfort and Mobility of Scrubs

All of the points mentioned above are crucial while considering the comfort of the staff. When the most important task of the doctors and nurses is to inspect the infected and serve the ill, they need to move fast and be flexible while examining patients. Similarly, nurses must keep equipment and notepads to update patients’ health.

Medical Scrubs must be designed to serve the abovementioned purposes and provide complete movement flexibility. This clothing must be appropriately designed to provide maximum comfort and complete covering to the body. It must stay in place throughout the total timing of their shifts.

The Fabric of Scrub The Fabric of Scrub

Hospital scrubs must be breathable fabric and sweat-soaking material, making it easy to stay in them for a long time. A specific combination of fabrics is used to balance the requirements of scrubs. The material used for scrubs can be cotton, polyester, rayon or spandex. Many options are available to buy scrubs online, ready to use.

Pricing of Scrubs Pricing of Scrubs

The cost of scrub depends on the environment and usage of scrub. Regular basic scrub costs between Rs. 800-1200 per piece. We offer an exceptional price range when approached with bulk orders. The pricing range should be verified before orders from hospital scrub stores.

Wrapping Paragraph

Though protection is the primary reason for using scrubs in the medical field, it is also essential to consider the comfort of the staff while designing. These should be easily accessible and offer complete safety. While designing scrubs, it is also necessary to compare the options available and choose the affordable one.