Why Clothing is Becoming More Expensive in 2021

Why Clothing is Becoming More Expensive

Clothing prices had been going down due to various reasons such as inflation and cheap labor helped to keep costs down before the pandemic hit. After the pandemic, the average cost of clothing has been rising at an alarming rate. 

While the clothing industry is looking forward to a revival in the unlocked era, the situation has further worsened due to the unprecedented and continuous rise in the cost of raw material. Even the transportation and labor costs have skyrocketed to the never-seen levels. 

This surge in raw materials costs and labor is squeezing retailers and manufacturers who have run out of ways to pare costs. The cost of raw materials have more than doubled over the past few months. 

That’s the reason why all the clothing prices have increased more than 40% in the past few months. Even though other brands have passed on the increase in costs to the consumers, we tried to maintain our current pricing as long as possible but we cannot continue to do so.

Main Reason for Hirawats to Hike Prices:

West Bengal Hosiery Manufacturers Association

Recently, The West Bengal Hosiery Manufacturers Association and South India Hosiery manufacturers have asked the product producers to increase the prices by around 20% on all products. Companies have to increase prices mainly to ensure uniformity in prices of hosiery products and also to meet their requirements.

In the recent meeting, the association has also decided to monitor the movement of raw material prices continuously and revise the product prices in the future. So, in view of all these factors, we will be increasing our prices on all our products. The increase in prices will be effective from March 1st. 

Hirawats Special Prices (Only till March 1st):

Medical Scrubs, Uniforms and Lab Coats

Hirawats holding our current prices up to March 1, so that customers can benefit from them. This is our way of saying Thank You for their support through the tough times that we have all gone through over the last year.