Where to Buy the Best OT Gowns for Hospitals in India

Where to Buy Best OT Gowns for Hospitals in India

An operation theater is often considered one of the most sterile places. Every piece of furniture, table, cloth, instrument, etc., is precisely cleaned before every surgery. One cannot forget about the OT Gowns with all these protective measures. These are not just mere garments but an integral part of any surgery. In this article, we will check out some of the critical factors revolving around one of the best OT Gown suppliers in India: Hirawats.

India's Leading OT Gowns Online Store

1. Importance of OT Gowns

We are all somewhat familiar with the importance of OT Gowns during any surgical or medical procedure. Doctors, nurses, and even patients have to wear this form of protective gear. During any surgery, especially the invasive ones, a human being is cut open and operated on. This results in an extremely high chance of spreading like microorganisms, bodily fluids, et cetera. Under bodily fluids, there can be leaking of blood, tissues, mucus, urine, etc. this is where the importance of OT Gowns comes. They act as a barrier protecting both the patient and the medical staff.

The importance of OT Gowns, doctors, nurses, and even hospital faculties are always on the lookout for a top uniform supplierHirawats is one such online store that understands the demands and offers some of the best deals. Some of the reasons which make Hirawats India’s leading OT Gowns store are as follows:

  • This online store offers a reliable and countrywide delivery within a matter of days.
  • Their policies allow users to either exchange or return the Gowns within 14 days.
  • Free shipping is another one of their many benefits.
  • Customers can even opt for cash on delivery for the products.
Highly Durable

2. Highly Durable

Surgeries are an inevitable part of a doctor’s life, and each day they have to go in and operate on several people. However, it is nearly impossible to buy a new OT Gown for each surgery. Owing to this reason, these garments need to be highly durable. At Hirawats, the reusable OT Gowns are made of cotton to withstand regular laundry washes.

Stain Resistant

3. Stain Resistant

In most cases, surgeries are invasive, resulting in the spread of bodily fluids, especially blood. Moreover, several liquid medications and iodine solutions can leave behind stains on the OT Gowns, and these are usually hard to remove if the quality of the Gown is not up to the mark. Due to this reason, the surgical dresses at one of the best store for uniforms i.e. Hirawats are made with premium quality material to endure regular bleaching.

Available in Different Sizes and Colors

4. Available in Different Sizes and Colors

Doctors and nurses have to wear surgical Gowns for long hours and take care of the ill, and this is why it is imperative to feel comfortable in them. Hirawats allows its customers to choose from a wide variety of sizes. Moreover, they also enable ordering custom-made Gowns depending on preferences. In terms of color, blue and green are prioritized due to psychological reasons. Nevertheless, there are also others to choose from.