When are Schools Reopening in AP & Telangana?


As a part of unlocking 5.0 guidelines, the centre has allowed a few states that are not in the red zone to decide on the option of school reopening with effect from 15th October 2020 in a graded manner. Although the centre has been permitted to reopen schools, there is a condition that tags along with it.

A student will only attend the school when their parents or guardians give written consent. Since winters are around the corner, likely, parents will not be comfortable in sending their children to school as there are high chances of COVID-19 cases in the coming months. 

When are Schools Reopening in AP?

The government of Andhra Pradesh has been very stern in its decision on not reopening of schools. The Education Minister – Adimulapu Suresh, announced that the school reopening dates in AP are from 2nd November 2020 onward.

In various Indian schools, including the schools in Andhra Pradesh, proper arrangements have been made to start regular classes. The entire Andhra Pradesh government is on the go and is having continuous discussions about how schools can restart without actually exposing the students to COVID-19.

When are Schools Reopening in Telangana?

Although many states have agreed to open schools from 15th October, still the cabinet subcommittee of the Telangana Government does not feel that conditions are right for The educational institutes to open so soon.

The cabinet sub-committee with Sabitha Reddy, the Minister of Education, feels that the school reopening dates in Telangana should be postponed. However, the colleges will resume back from 1st November by keeping in mind all the guidelines that have been issued by the UGC (University Grants Commission).

The final decision regarding ‘When Does School Reopen’ will be taken by K Chandrasekhar Rao, the Chief Minister of the state, after Dasara and Bathukamma festivals. 

Why Most of the States are not Opening Schools Now?

There are a few schools that had opted to resume classes. However, after reopening, these schools experienced a massive outbreak and were forced to shut down temporarily.

As per the sources, most states have left the decision of school re-opening to local health and school district officials. Various states are planning to adopt the hybrid system while reopening schools.

The hybrid model means that students will attend school in-person for a few days a week to ensure that the class size is limited. Also, students will be required to comply with all the safety norms of social distancing. Throughout the classes, students will need to wear masks with uniforms

However, families have the option to opt for full-time remote learning. The majority of the parents in India are anxious about what is happening currently and are in favour of opting out of in-person classes.

Medical experts have pressurised continuously that it is risky for schools to reopen in 2020. However, many states do not come under the red zone and are planning to reopen schools. On the other hand, the states that have a large number of cases are dicey about the decision of school reopening.

Hence, it is very uncertain when schools will reopen properly in AP and Telangana.

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