What Color Scrubs Do Doctors Wear?

What Color Scrubs Do Doctors Wear? The Ultimate Scrubs Color Definition Chart!

Ultimate Scrub Chart

If you’ve ever wandered the halls of a hospital, you might notice that most medical professionals tend to wear scrubs or coats that tend to be of different colors.

Have you ever wondered if these scrub colors mean anything or why a few professionals wear green while others wear pink or red hues? 

There are plenty of reasons regarding the assortment of different scrubs and uniforms. However, they are wholly mundane reasons- preference and obligation.

This article gives you the emotional psychology behind every colored scrubs and uniform offered by Hirawats online platform. 

We hope this article helps you understand their role and significance better.

Medical scrubs and uniforms are available in nearly every color palette, but do you know what does each color symbolize and signify? 

A few hospitals assign the medical staff to wear certain scrub and uniform colors, while a few others have the choice to choose the color of choice. 

According to psychology, colours can often be connected with emotions. The most common colors worn by doctors, surgeons, nursing staff, medical assistants, and phlebotomists are often patient-friendly and environment-friendly. 

Blue Black, Dark Grey, Pink, and Sea Green Doctor Scrubs

Here are a few standard uniform colors and their significance.

Blue Black Scrubs

Blue black is color that sit as the current trend color hitting the fashion sector. The black blue color of medical scrubs and uniforms is best-suited for educational institutions and hospitals as they offer a calming and soothing effect that helps relax patients. 

This blue black color is also chosen by staff working in labs, pharmacies, or administrative areas.

Navy Blue Medical Scrub

Doctors mostly wear navy blue scrubs to help them stand out among other fellow healthcare professionals. This well-known color medical uniform helps hide stains and spills that occurred during a procedure or otherwise. 

Navy blue colored scrubs create a sense of calmness and are peaceful yet distinctive.

Dark Grey Scrub

The grey tone of the scrub is often associated with depression and is mostly avoided. However, certain institutions prefer dark grey scrubs, usually for the receptionists or other maintenance staff. 

Pink Medical Scrubs

Pink medical scrubs are associated with nurturing and caring. Therefore, this color scrub makes an excellent choice for nurses or medical professionals who work with children, the nursery and pediatrics department. Those that deal with infants also wear pink medical uniforms and scrubs.

Navy Blue, Brown, Grey, and Sky Blue Doctor Scrubs

Sky Blue Scrub

Nurses mostly wear sky blue scrubs as they have a calming and soothing effect that helps to relax patients. 

However, it is best to transit to dark shades to prevent stains and spills from being seen.

Royal Blue Scrubs

Royal is the most popular color palette scrubs, and usually, the trauma ward is seen o be walking around this color scrub. 

Royal blue scrubs are most popular as they are the best color to hide stains and unwanted spills during a procedure. This distinctive color helps your patient identify you and help them see you as a reliable caretaker.

Sea Green Scrub

Sea green is another shade of color used by surgeons during surgical procedures. Nevertheless, a sea-green scrub color evokes feelings of peace and healing and a more suited color, appropriate in a medical setting.

Brown Scrub

Like khakis, brown scrubs are considered to present both a professional and a casual look. 

Brown scrubs carry a similar connotation in the medical industry as they give off neutral and down-to-earth vibes. 

The ER residents mostly wear brown scrubs and the color helps them to come off as trustworthy people and evoke a relaxing and genuine reaction.

Royal Blue, Spinach Green, and Violet Doctor Scrubs

Violet Scrub

Violet color scrubs are at the peak of the color palette right now. However, the shades vary from eggplant to lavender. 

Violet is a color often associated with royalty and is considered to be less professional than the other scrub colors. 

The obstetrics and gynecology department usually wear violet-colored scrubs and medical uniforms. 

Spinach Green Scrub

Spinach green is a surgeon-friendly color scrub, not because they tend to be flattering on most skin tones, but this color is known to hide stains very well and help reduce eye strain during surgical procedures. 

Spinach green scrubs reflect positive thoughts and present the patients with a sense of reliability, durability, and safety.

Grey Medical Scrubs

Assistants and receptionists usually wear grey scrubs in the medical facility. The grey scrub is capable of melding into the background and does not hinder as a distraction for patients. 

This color is an excellent choice to calm care environments.


We often associate colors with happy and sad feelings. Therefore, colored medical scrubs and medical uniforms play a significant role in a patient’s overall health. 

Hirawats renders the perfect tailored and crafted uniforms of various colors that meet your needs and requirements. 

This article is your ultimate guide to the hospital-issued scrubs color chart and their impact on others.