Top Apparel Brand Launches Galaxy Range Medical Scrub Collection

Galaxy Performance Scrubs from Hirawats

Medical apparel is an essential part of every medical professional’s personal wardrobe, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Hirawats offers appealing collections fusing modern design with comfortable materials to procure a truly easy-to-wear aesthetic.

With poly spandex fabrics and anti-wrinkle, this line of scrubs can stand tall among the competition while also helping you look your best. You can find these performance scrubs in various colors.

Check out the unique features and functionality of these scrubs!

Collection and Availability of Colors

Hirawats range includes a vast range of  scrubs, lab coats, aprons and shoe covers, all of which use high quality fabrics and bold colors that do not fade after multiple washes. The medical scrubs have moisture-wicking technology to fight sweat and keep your employees dry. 

They also have easy stretch, that makes it easy to move around as you examine patients or as you collect samples from various places. These scrubs are ultra soft, give comfort and  are fade resistant, so they’ll stay perfect after multiple washes. 

For medical professionals that want their scrubs to fit their workplace culture, Abik & Anik Hirawats announced that they have a wide range of colors to choose from including royal blue, pink, blue black color, classic grey, sea green etc.

Galaxy Nursing Scrubs Advantages

Customized for Men and Women

At Hirawats the Medical Scrubs are available for both men and women and are customized accordingly. The  two styles offered are traditional and loose-fitting. The female doctor uniform has a soft feel and is designed with straight lines to accentuate your slender figure. 

The male doctor uniform features right angles to help you look more substantial. The scrubs come with multiple pockets, mostly 4 pockets to always equip oneself with the right equipment. 

About Hirawats – Conclusion

Hirawats offer the best quality medical apparel for healthcare workers who are looking for comfortable, breathable workwear to combat the pandemic. One can easily find the best medical scrub along with some bold range of colors.