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Tips for Choosing the Right Medical Uniform for your Job!

Tips For Choosing The Right Medical Uniform For Your Job!

First impressions matter a lot in medical facilities. The market has expanded significantly, and there are countless options available today to doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals in terms of uniforms.

So if you are one of these professionals who is facing difficulty in picking the best and the right scrubs, gowns, and nursing uniforms for work, be sure to read this article on tips for choosing the right medical uniform for your job! as it features some usual tips.


Certain studies and researches have revealed that overall performance and appearances can leave a significant impact on the patients. 

Whether doctors, surgeons, nurses, or staff, uniforms are a significant factor to consider for the overall functioning of the profession. Departmental uniforms, scrubs, and gowns can be a daunting task as there are multiple options to choose from. 

To meet the criteria and requirements of the facility and the patients, here are a few tips that will help you pick the perfect uniform for the job.

Uniform for Emergency ward vs. Pediatric ward

In the Emergency Ward

The emergency room is a spot where patients that are wounded or accidentally injured arrive. So professionals assisting in this area are advised to wear dark-coloured scrub tops and pants, gowns, and uniforms as the ideal clothing.

Dark-coloured scrubs are the best pick as they hide bloodstains. Also, professionals are advised to stay away from colours that relate to death or misery such as black and grey. 

Another tip to those working in the emergency room is to avoid scrubs and uniforms with cheerful prints, just like cartoon scrubs, as it’s not a wise choice.

Pediatric Ward

The pediatric room is handling patients that are exclusively children. You should note that not all children remain comfortable staying at a hospital or fear healthcare professionals.

The best way to ease a child’s pain and fear is to wear bright-coloured nursing uniforms and scrubs with cheerful and bold prints such as cartoons and animals. 

Almost all children are avid fans of cartoon characters to help shift their focus from the pain or medical procedures onto the bold prints and cartoon designs of your nursing uniforms.

Uniforms for Palliative Care Ward Vs. Operation Theatre

Palliative Care Ward

Patients admitted to a palliative care room are those suffering from serious illnesses who have lost the strength to carry on with daily life. 

As a nurse or medical professional, your main goal is to help improve the quality of life by choosing medical uniforms of colour and patterns that have a significant impact on improving their daily life.

For those working in this ward, pick your uniforms or scrubs with jolly prints or colours that portray happiness, hope, warmth, energy, optimism, or other warm tones that reinforce positivity.

The best colour palettes to choose from are yellow, blue, green, orange, and red. And the colours to avoid are black, grey, and usually dark tones.

You can even opt for printed scrubs with bold cartoon characters, fishes, flowers, and other engaging prints.

Operation Theatre

If you are assigned to the operation room, the white-coloured nursing uniform is not the ideal choice as they become vulnerable to bloodstains. 

As a nurse or a medical professional in the operation room, it is not advisable to wear white as blood splashes are very conspicuous the colour can increases eye strain. 

The best uniform pick for operation theatres is dark-coloured scrub tops and scrub pants, OT gowns, and nursing uniforms especially, green, red, purple, burgundy, or navy hues. 

However, if you want minimal variation, you can pair your solid colour uniforms with dark printed alternatives but keep it minimal.


Medical professionals have a plethora of options to choose uniforms from, but choosing the right one apt for the job is to understand the department you are a part of. 

Hirawats online is a platform that helps you pick and even customize your very own uniforms that are apt for your job. We hope that this article tips for choosing the right medical uniform for your job! Helps you find good premium quality uniforms for reasonable pricing.

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