Medical Scrub Trends you Should Watch Out in 2021

Medical Scrub Trends

Medical scrub trends help you watch out the stay updated and stay a step ahead and fill the shoes of safety.

Today, the medical industry has evolved in terms of design and comfort. Also produces trendy medical scrubs to tune in with the trends.

Hirawats has stepped up their global game, marking their designs in medical scrubs, uniforms, OT gowns, and aprons.

What are the Most Popular Scrubs?

There are a plethora of brands and sites that beat the medical scrubs trends and catch your attention.

But in terms of credibility and assurance, Hirawats online store stands firm with its resolution to produces the best quality scrubs. 

Hirawatsonline store marks its way as one of the most popular brands in India.

The scrubs at Hirawats are not only composed of high-quality fabrics but also durable, breathable and sustainable.

Also wrinkle-free, pill-resistant, and ultra-soft on touch. 

Reversible scrubs

At Hirawatsonline, you can last long in comfort, hands-on reversible scrubs, drawstrings and pockets, various neckline types. Even experience the freedom of customization in size and design. 

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Best Medical Scrub Fabrics in India?

When purchasing a medical scrub, it’s important to know how the scrubs rest on your body, their comfort level, and how they offer flexibility.

Scrubs fabric affects the feel of the scrub suits.

There are three common scrub fabrics found in Hirawats medical scrubd yhsy deemed to the best scrubs in India:

Spun Fabric Scrubs

Spun fabric is a liable fabric choice as it holds high resistance and high durability. The spun fabric medical scrubs help to fight off contaminants and restrain infection spread in a medical environment. Additionally, spun fabric medical scrubs are stronger, wrinkle-free, pill-resistant, comfortable, lustrous, and come in a variety of colour choices. 

Polyviscose Scrubs

Poly Viscose fabric is the best-opted fabric as it provides comfort because of the stretch and crisp resistance. It is also easy to maintain and viable for scrubs. Polyester viscose scrubs are wrinkle-resistant, pill-resistant, and breathable fabrics.

Hirawats scrubs are composed of an ultra-soft fabric that helps you stay comfy during long hours.


Pure cotton is a natural fibre that is a soft, breathable, absorbent and natural fabric choice, best suited for the medical industry. However, lower species of cotton tend to leave wrinkles. Any kind of cotton will also fade more quickly with consecutive washes. However, Hirawats poly-cotton blend helps your scrubs stay wrinkle and pill-free with durable and long-lasting comfort.
Image: Staff image with medical scrubs

What Does that Different Color Scrub Mean in a Hospital?

Nowadays, medical scrubs come available in different fun prints and colours to differentiate between different departments within the hospital wing.

The colour-coded wear helps patients and visitors easily identify professionals in the field. Another reason for colourful medical scrubs is to elicit certain emotions in people.

The most common medical scrubs colours worn at maternity wings are shades of green, blue, red, and pink.

The top three common and underrated medical scrubs colours available at Hirawats Online are as follows:

Medical Staff with medical scrubs

Sky-blue and Navy-blue Scrubs

Blue is the most common choice of color as it emits an overall calm and relaxed ambiance that holds the possibility to lower blood pressure and ease anxiety.

The shades of navy blue and sky blue color choice are often opted by surgeons to gain their patients’ trust and an alternative to disguise blood spills during the process.

Pink Scrubs

Pink scrub is a color choice best-suited for nurses to create a visually soothing experience for patients and visitors.

 The muted colour tone holds a narrow effect on people and is often worn among those from the maternity wing.

Green Scrubs

Green is the most strong suited color as it’s often associated with healing, peace, and tranquillity. This is another color option often opted by surgeons to easily hide bloodstains. 

Green colour medical scrub choice also helps to ease a surgeon’s eye strain during surgery and help focus better.  

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