How to Wash and Disinfect your Medical Scrubs?

Tips to Wash and Disinfect Your Medical Scrubs

The need to wash and disinfect your medical scrubs is expected if you work in the medical field. 

Washing medical scrubs and changing out of them is something that needs to happen quite frequently. 

This is because of all the fluids that end up getting on them. No matter how careful one is, this does happen in the field. 

Be it working in a laboratory or with patients in a clinic or at a hospital with patients. 

Tips on Wash Cotton Scrubs

How to Wash 100% Cotton Scrubs

It is well-known that if you have scrubs stained with blood, you should wash in cold water only. 

Hot water will cause the stain to remain and become stronger. 

Cotton is a material used for scrubs because of how breathable and comfortable it is. 

Note that with 100% cotton scrubs that you should generally wash inside out. 

This is to maintain the integrity of the cloth. When you’re down washing, you need to dry on low so for durability and longevity. 

Tips on Wash Polyester-Cotton Blend Scrubs

How to Wash Polyester-Cotton Blend Scrubs

Polyester-cotton blend scrubs are more durable than 100% cotton ones. 

While you should always wash inside out like cotton ones, you need to wash in warm water. 

This is because polyester is a material that stains can be removed from easily.

You can dry on medium for these polyester-cotton scrubs. 

There is no need to be as careful as you would with cotton as the material is stronger.

Tips on Remove Stains from Hospital Scrubs (Ink, Deodorant, Blood, and dye)

How to Remove Stains from Hospital Scrubs

There are various stains that can come on hospital scrubs throughout the working day. 

Ink is a common one that can end up on scrubs. This is because of all the sheets and forms that need to be filled for patients and documentation. 

*Rubbing alcohol is the best way to get it out.

Deodorant on the other hand, can be put in the washing machine as is.

Blood and dye need hydrogen peroxide so that all the stains can be gotten out. 

Please note that you should use hot water here and not cold. The latter will cause the stain to set in the cloth. 

Be mindful of using gloves for these as chemicals can be dangerous to your skin. 

Urine/feces/vomit: It needs to be disinfected with bleach or sodium hypochlorite. 

This needs to be done before you can get to washing them. You can either hand wash them or throw them into a washing machine (not with other clothes), as you would other clothes.  

Extra Tips for Washing Medical Scrubs

Vinegar is another thing you can use when working with stains and odours. It can also brighten up clothes in general. 

Additionally, when washing scrubs, be sure to check and separate them from all the other clothes. You don’t wash scrubs together with other clothes. 

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You need to wash and disinfect your medical scrubs frequently. And we hope that this article has helped you with what you can do to keep them clean of all fluids. 

Whether they be chemical, bodily, or otherwise, this way, you will easily be able to clean your scrubs and keep reusing them. And of course, as mentioned, Hirawats is the place you should get your reusable scrubs

This way you can be sure all of them are of great quality. So, you can keep using them no matter how often you need to clean them.