How to Choose the Right Bed Sheets?

Choosing right bed sheets

How do you Choose the Right Bed Sheets?

Good bed linens not only provide a restful sleep but also aesthetically define your decor and uplift its vibe. If you are looking to buy bedsheets online, you can check out Hirawats Festive Season Sale and avail the best bed sheets or bed linens in India for affordable and nominal prices.

When you buy bed linen or bedsheets online, there are certain essential and viable factors that one must consider, such as smoothness and durability, the bed size, quality of the material, and budget. If you keep an eye out for these few things whilst shopping for bedsheets combo, ensure to visit the Hirawats website and make the right choice.

Features to Consider Before Buying Bed Sheets Online

Certain factors determine the features of bed linens, and you must make sure to consider the factors before purchasing the bedsheets.

1. Smoothness and Durability

At Hirawats, you avail the best designer bed sheets for home, hotels, and even hospitals. The fabric of the king-size bed sheets is 100 percent cotton that provides an ultra-soft finish. The biggest hit of these double bed sheets is that they are more durable and less prone to wrinkling.

To maintain the consistent durability and smoothness of the bed linens, you must ensure to machine-wash or hand wash it with cold water and iron steam or low steam them with low heat.

Smooth & Durable bedsheets

2. Quality of the Material

Quality is an essential factor that cannot be compromised. Cotton is by far the most-loved fabric for single or double bed sheets that fill in the missing touch of furnishing in your bedroom.

Even though the Polyester fabric may give a somewhat synthetic feel, the quality of the material is super durable and less prone to wrinkling. The biggest hit is that polyester makes it inexpensive.

Hirawats presents you with cotton or polyester blends with decorative designs that are washable, durable, comfortable, and preferably the best for daily use.

Which Material is Better, Percale, or Sateen?

There has always been a debate of which material- Percale, or Sateen is best suited for designer bed sheets. Percale and sateen fabrics hold similar functions but with different qualities. Your choice for the best and suitable bed sheet set depends on personal preference.

Percale or Sateen

1. Percale Sheets

Percale sheets are a must-have cotton bed sheets that present a plain in-weave and are highly characterized by a crisp hand and ultra-matte finish. At Hirawats, you are exposed to designer percale bed sheets that are best suited for summer due to its lightweight and more breathable fabric that are refreshing yet incredibly soft.

2. Sateen Sheets

Sateen sheets are best known for its lustre and drape and create a silky smooth surface and add a luminous sheen. This fabric is best suited for cold winter months as it is slightly thicker yet provides a soft, inviting touch, and a perfect finish.

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