Hospitality Uniforms Collection: From the Front House Staff to the Back

Hospitality Uniform Suppliers in India

Hirawats Uniforms provides all types of uniforms in the hotel industry and is one of the leading manufacturers for hospitality uniforms in India. 

We believe that it is very important that every employee should be dressed to play their part right and a proper uniform provides them with a boost in confidence. 

Hirawats hospitality uniforms collection consists of all the latest trends and design with ease of wholesale purchase on hospitality uniforms. 

There are different types of uniforms needed for different staff members and while each hotel wants their staff to stand apart, for which our catalogue for hospitality uniforms provides an array of designs of uniforms. 

It is very important to provide your chefs, waitstaff, bartenders and brand ambassadors the gear they need to look and feel the part. 

This is why our custom hospitality uniforms help in catering to all your needs, be it – hotel, restaurant, casino, country club, etc. 

From Chef coats to aprons, waist aprons for servers, vests to dress shirts, professional coats for front office staff, sarees to skirts, custom logos printed, housekeeping uniforms, maintenance uniforms, etc., Hirawats Uniforms has it all.

Uniforms for Waiter and Chef

Classic Black and White Apparel for Hospitality Uniforms

Do you require a Classic look for your lounge area staff? 

Our custom Hospitality Uniforms Collection of machine washable suits possess all the necessary qualities. Really simple to wear, pieces of clothing save significant time for occupied workers. 

With agreeable jeans and sharp coordinating vests workers consistently look proficient. 

Pair black polyester with fresh white shirts from our hospitality uniforms catalogue to make a complex cordiality uniform program. 

Need a proper server’s uniform apparel? Browse our glossy silk managed vests with exemplary neckties and white gloves.

Hospitality Uniforms for Entire Team

Hospitality Uniforms Collection 

Hospitality Uniforms Collection includes the Executive Apparel section, where luxury hospitality uniforms can be found on our website. 

These include custom-made uniforms for luxury hotels and resorts, vests to coat suits, and custom branding. 

We consider all types of end-users and consequently offer a mix and match of colors and styles. 

Proper uniforms not only help the employees in working effectively but also help them in looking for the part. 

If they feel comfortable with what they wear, their efficiency also increases. We provide a whole array of designs and facilities for buying from our online website. 

Our designated counselor will help you centre your requirements, spending plan and time and our expert will give you smart choices that will work as per your requirements of your specific property.