Hospital Scrubs – Why are Hospital Uniforms Called Scrubs?

Hospital Uniforms called scrubs

Did you know that the evolution of popular clothing ‘scrubs’ began because of hygienic reasons in the early 1900s? Scrubs gained momentum as they are easier to clean and are more hygienic and the standard white colour emphasises cleanliness. 

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Table of Contents:

Why are Hospital Uniforms Called Scrubs
Who Invented Medical Scrubs
Why are Scrubs Worn in Hospitals
Who Wears Scrubs in a Hospital
Types of Scrubs Uniforms

Why are Hospital Uniforms called Scrubs

The early nineties saw the drastic need for uniforms and the medical community underwent a whole paradigm change in terms of their equipment and apparel. Hospital uniforms were originally known as ‘ surgical greens’ as green was the most potent color, but later on, received the name ‘scrub’ because the uniforms were worn in a ‘scrubbed’ environment. 

Surgical uniforms

By the 1970s, the surgical attire or surgical greens had largely reached its modern state, evolving from aprons to short-sleeve V-necked shirts and drawstring pants composed of a cotton or polyester blend fabric.

Who Invented Medical Scrubs

Medical uniforms came into existence during the World War I crisis. The plightful conditions of the nurses led to the invention of scrubs. During the 1940’s American surgeon William Halsted developed the uniform scrubs as long gowns.

William Halsted - Scrubs founder

These first medical scrubs were gowns or drapes that covered the surgeon and medical staff while operating from shoulders to toe. 

Dr William Halstead’s development of the gowns was meant to be used only during surgery, however, due to more sanitary reasons, medical uniforms began to evolve. 

Why are Scrubs Worn in Hospitals

Scrubs offer multiple benefits and due to their ease of functionality, medical professionals wear medical scrubs daily. Medical scrubs help medical professionals identify contaminants like vomit, blood, stool, germs and fungus, contaminants, and urine.

Scrubs act as a personal protective suit and help the wearer from harmful UV radiations and chemicals. 

Medical scrubs are easy to clean and can tolerate harsh chemicals regularly. Hirawats medical scrubs hold color life up to 40+ washes making medical life tolerable. 

Another reason being that medical scrubs offer easy accessibility to carry around tools and equipment.

Who Wears Scrubs in a Hospital

Multiple professionals make use of medical scrubs in their field of work. Scrubs are mainly worn by people from many departments like Dental assistants, Imaging technologists, Veterinary technicians, Pharmacy technicians, and Therapists. 

However, medical scrubs are the most common sanitary clothing often worn by surgeons, nurses, physicians, and other workers involved in inpatient care in hospitals.

Medical staff uniforms

Types of Scrubs Uniforms

There are three main types of scrub uniforms used at hospitals:

Surgical Scrubs

These scrubs are composed of solid tees and pants and usually disposable. There are loose and easy stretch scrubs that offer surgeons and nurses comfortable movement, especially during long interval operations. 

Nursing Scrubs

These are usually worn by the nurses and are composed of high-quality and durable materials that offer comfort and mobility. These nursing uniforms offer easy accessibility for nurses to carry important equipment and tools.

Maternity and Patient Scrubs

These scrubs come available in specific colors and are just used by the patients. These scrubs help the surgeons and medical staff identify the patient and allow the patient’s skin to take in some air for less sweat. 

Medical scrubs play a significant role and everyday use of scrubs protects professionals from harmful contaminants. They not only act as a personal protective suit but also elevates professionalism. At Hirawats, you can avail the best and most comfortable and perfect scrub suits and nursing uniforms for both men and women at a range of colours and sizes at affordable pricing.