Hirawats Textile Legacy: India’s Top Manufacturer of Uniforms & Medical Scrubs

Professional Uniforms

If you want to experience India’s Top Manufacturer of Uniforms & Medical Scrubs’ products and services, then Hirawats will be the best option for you. Hirawats is one of the best stores offering various professional attires, school and college uniforms. Hirawats believe in serving corporate clients and other various users with sustainable and skin-friendly fabrics at reasonable prices. That’s why Hirawats was crowned as India’s most recognized workwear brand

In this write-up, we will glance at the Hirawats Textile Legacy and 66 years of Experience as a Top Manufacturer of Uniforms & Medical Scrubs

Hirawats Textile Legacy – 66 Years of Experience in the Textile Industry

Hirawats started their journey in 1954, in the port city Vizag in Visakhapatnam. We started our journey to make state-of-the-art accessible for all the users with creative and innovative designs.

Sustainable and Skin Friendly Fabric

Every single product manufactured by Hirawats goes under controlled dyeing for the fastness of the colours on sustainable fabrics. Since 1954 are using the best and latest garments technologies for printing, sewing, and cording the skin-friendly fabrics as per the customers’ choice

Throughout the journey of 66 years of experience, never let down our customers. Offer world-class quality products to cater to the various sections of the society, especially the medical and education sectors. Because of this, Hirawats is Parents Choice Since 1954.

Hirawats: India’s Top Manufacturer of Uniforms & Medical Scrubs

Serving and meeting the client’s expectations is one of India’s most recognized Workwear brand’s high-lighted characteristics. 

 We offer a wide variety of medical uniforms as per the specific customizations asked by the client. Offer to customize sleeves, designs, colours and top quality skin-friendly fabrics for long-term comfort. Moreover, on client’s demand, add branding to their products. All of these qualities of Hirawats make it the leading manufacturer of Medical Scrubs in India

Medical Uniforms

Moreover, when it comes to the School and College Uniforms, Hirawats is Parents Choice Since 1954. School managements trust Hirawats for its skin-friendly and sustainable fabrics which provide utmost comfort to the students. So, you can trust the Top Manufacturer of Uniforms for starting your new term with your new school wears. 

Fabrics that Customer Trust
Sustainable & Skin-friendly Fabrics
People’s Choice 1954

Fabrics that Customer Trust

Being India’s Top manufacturer of Uniforms & Medical Scrubs, Hirawats use high-quality fabrics for making uniforms and medical scrubs for the users. The fabric used for the final output has features of quick sweat absorption, totally bacteria-free, skin-friendly dye colours. 

Moreover, these skin-friendly fabrics come across various quality standard checks and washes. Serve the customer with the best after integrating learnings from 66 years of experience

Sustainable & Skin-friendly Fabrics

Since its inception, Hirawats never compromised on their product and service quality. always made their uniforms and medical scrubs with the skin-friendly fabrics with quick sweat absorption feature. These sustainable fabrics passed through various standardized tests and quality checks to ensure that the user can have long term comfort without any complaint.

Customized Uniform Manufacturer

People’s Choice 1954 – Hirawats: India’s Top manufacturer of Uniforms & Medical Scrubs

From there 66 years of experience, Hirawats are known to be the Top uniform manufacturer of the country. Even with the sustainable and skin-friendly fabrics of professional wear, are known as the leading manufacturer of medical scrubs in India

Since 1954 this Top Manufacturer of Uniforms & Medical Uniforms had grown up to a multi-channel retailer operational with its seven offline stores and 24*7 online stores.