Hirawats Scrubs: Functional & Fashionable Scrubs that Last Longer

Functional & Fashionable Scrubs

Functional and Fashionable Scrubs that Last Longer

Hirawats offers an array of cherished uniforms and scrubs with sustainable, skin-friendly, comfy, durable, long-lasting, wrinkle-free and low-on-maintenance shrubs that uphold the heart and soul of the 66 years legacy. The minimal home-grown brand offers functional and fashionable scrubs that last longer and bring flare and functionality to scrubs and lab coats.

How Hirawats Brand brings Flare and Functionality to Scrubs and Lab Coats?

Hirawats is India’s leading manufacturer in uniforms and fashion apparel and holds a global collection that enables you to stand out in a crowd. The minimal and basic home-grown brand bearing 66 years of legacy presents an incredible range of long-lasting and durable uniforms made of high-quality, affordable, sustainable, and skin-friendly fabrics. Hirawats markets professional workwear and uniforms to parents, students, service industries, and even a corporation that brings flair and functionality to the collection of scrubs and lab coats.

Elevating Hirawats Products

Hirawats records present itself as the best online fashion apparel store that manufactures high-quality, sustainable, high durability, and long-lasting fabrics. A medical uniform’s primary benefit is its sustainability, durability, spun fabric, and comfort; Hirawats products are designed and developed to keep you comfortable during the busiest and longest shifts. The sustainable, durable, and secure features of Hirawats medical uniforms can help you stay calm and relaxed all day long. Hirawats presents affordable pricing made with a great fit, quality color uniformity and texture, and plush comfort.

Wrinkle Free Scrubs

Wrinkle-Free Scrubs

Some fabrics tend to shrink when dried; however, at Hirawats, you don’t have to up a size or two to ensure that your scrubs still fit after their first trip through the washer and dryer. Hirawats scrubs offer wrinkle-free scrubs that hold their shape no matter how many times you wash and dry. The scrubs also resists moisture leading to less drying time, and won’t hold onto sweat during the hottest of seasons. 

Low On Maintenance Scrubs

Medical scrubs uniforms should be cleaned after every use as they tend to carry bacteria, germs, and other contaminants. Medical scrubs aren’t the type of apparel you can get away with wearing a few times between washes. This is the reason why Hirawats presents you with low-maintenance alternatives to the standard scrub. Low on maintenance scrubs helps individuals look and feel their best without putting a lot of unnecessary time into their pre-workday routine. Investing in Hirawats scrubs set that is comfortable, and low maintenance is a no-brainer.

Functional and Fashionable

The medical scrubs and uniform industry is highly dominated by companies that produce low-cost products such as stiff cotton and billowy silhouettes. Hirawats manufactures high-quality, long-lasting, wrinkle-free, and low on maintenance scrubs made of spun fabrics. Spun fabrics require minimal to no heat setting or finishing which leads the fabric to hold a higher bursting strength, higher abrasion resistance, increased air permeability, and a better wicking potential. The use of spun fabrics in Hirawats products offers softer scrubs and uniforms that do not tend to snag and offer anti-pilling materials.

Scrubs for Nurses and Doctors

Building Something Better for Doctors and Nurses: Every Season

At Hirawats, every season comes equipped with the latest styles, trendy collections, and the ever so classic touch of new colors. With every upcoming and ongoing season, we present you with products from a plethora of fresh and new colors with unique and distinctive features that help you complement your style and stay comfortable at the busiest of times. Revamp your professional wardrobe with a diverse and exclusive collection of products in a range of colors, best quality, low maintenance, and long-lasting at Hirawats Online store. The Hirawats collection is not limited to typical styles or sizes.

Hirawats relishes producing high-quality, low-on-maintenance, long-lasting, wrinkle-free, super comfortable, and sustainable fabric uniforms. At Hirawats, you can even buy customized business uniforms online at affordable pricing. Hirawats scrubs aims to build something better for doctors and nurses with the onset of every season. You can even shop the medical scrubs and uniforms for wholesale prices and avail of special discounts on Scrubs bulk orders.