Hirawats Online: Why Customers Count on us for Quality

Quality Uniform Manufacturer

Hirawats established their foundation in 1954 and have now grown to be one of the best eCommerce stores you can count on. Why do customers rely on us for quality uniforms? The simple reason being that at Hirawats Online, we offer our customers a range of products from school uniforms to interior home products. Each product comprises a premium quality fabric that is long-lasting, breathable, skin-friendly, and sustainable. Be it workwear, accessories, or uniforms, Hirawats is the ideal platform to splurge your money for the best products at the best pricing! Hirawats never compromises product quality and offers an easy interface for you to run through and enjoy your happy shopping hours.

Why do Customers Count on us for Quality Uniforms?

Hirawats offers premium quality uniforms at wholesale prices. Hirawats provide a range of uniforms from their collection- school uniforms, healthcare uniforms, college uniforms, and even professional uniforms. The uniforms are composed of breathable and long-lasting fabrics that offer butter-soft touch and comfort. Hirawats Online is the platform to avail India’s best uniforms and are crowned as India’s No.1 uniforms provider. The uniforms’ quality is of top-notch quality, 100 percent original, wrinkle-free fabrics that are easy to clean, iron, and resistant to wear and tear. These reasons make Hirawats Online the most trusted brand for quality uniforms throughout India.

Uniforms for Students, Business People and Medical Professionals

From 0 Orders to 2000 Orders in just 6 Months?

Hirawats pinnacle of success is the most inspiring story as their journey as a small homegrown brand has now attained the title ‘Hirawats Online Leading uniform Manufacturers in India.’ The store’s success story sees the paradigm shift from just 0 orders to 2000 orders in just five months. How you may ask?  The store’s change in approach and strategy to deliver all over India with its customizable, personalizing, and sustainable products has paved the way for their success. Hirawats Wholesale prices and bulk orders along with exceptional product discounts to upscale the success.

Special Custom School & College Uniform Designing is Available?

Hirawats Online offers the sustainable and most premium school and college uniforms. Hirawats Online is crowned as the best eCommerce store you can count on and the best to purchase school uniforms. The most exclusive benefit you can acquire is customizing your uniforms from any city or state across the country. Hirawats Online store offers customization in terms of sizes, designs, additional add-ons, and fit. You can easily buy school or college uniforms and customize them based on the desired length, height and fit, all at affordable pricing. Hirawats Online eliminates all problems that can barricade happy shopping.

School and College Uniforms

Trusted Company for Uniforms in India

Hirawats Online offers a plethora of uniform options, from Lan uniforms for colleges to Salon and Spa uniforms without compromising the fabric’s quality. Hirawats remains the trusted company for uniforms as it presents premium quality fabric and perfect regular fitting, keeping in mind the children’s comfort. Each uniform is crafted with care using long-lasting, breathable, skin-friendly, and sustainable materials. Additionally, you can customize your uniforms in terms of sizes and fit, all at affordable pricing. 

Customer Reviews

Here are our top five Customer Reviews that will help you swear by Hirawats Online store:

  • I am using your product as my OT Dress. Being a surgeon, the dress means a lot when the name is etched in such an excellent product. Thank you so much. – Diptangshu Das, Sreerampur (WB)    
  • The scrubs’ quality is excellent, and the color of the scrub also does not come out. I like my wrinkle-free scrubs. – Dr. Christopherleema    
  • Excellent stitches, good fabric, attractive color, and pure embroidery work are all up to the mark and are very comfortable. I am very much satisfied with the product.  – Dr. Ramchandra H Kaushik
  • ‘Black Medical Uniform Scrubs; perfectly written, reasonable, and comfortable cotton quality. – Dr. Akanxa Bhatti, Mohali
  • I got my scrubs from Hirawats, got it custom made; the fir was perfect, and the material was light. I totally loved it. – Dr. Sravani Sandhya, Visakhapatnam (AP)
Hirawats Happy Customers

Quality is a must in any product as it helps the product survive for the most prolonged period. Why do customers count on us for quality uniforms? – Hirawats Online store presents you with every reason you should trust and engage with the brand. Starting from their premium quality products to sustainable and eco-friendly fabrics, Hirawats functions as India’s top uniform provider. Shop now and avail of products at wholesale prices with special discounts.