Hirawats Launches Plus-sized Comfortable-to-fit Scrub for Medical Professionals (Press Release)

Plus-sized scrub collection

Going out and buying a well-fitting and durable medical scrub is a challenging task for plus-size medical professionals.

Given the majority of manufacturers focus usually on regular sizes, Abik & Anik, founders of Hirawats, decided to bring a change in the market.

In a joint interview, Abik and Anik said, “Size neutrality is the need of the hour when designing workwear. We know, a set of quality scrubs is a “must-have” for all medical professionals. So, our goal is to bring an affordable and fashion-forward medical scrub for a person of every size.”

Benefits of plus-sized medical scrubs

Premium Fabric Collection

Made of high-quality poly-viscose fabric, Hirawats scrubs are the softest collection available in the market. You will find up to 46-size scrubs with the uniform manufacturer.

Hirawats Originals plus size medical scrubs with V-neck styling create a style statement at a competitive cost. Also, the collection is custom-made in two variants, including the half sleeve and full sleeve scrubs.

Available in Multiple Colours

With Hirawats, healthcare professionals won’t find it difficult to find scrubs in any colour. 

Their stylish medical scrub range is available in a variety of colours. So pick the one that fits your medical institution uniform code and comfort factor alike.

Top Benefits of Plus Size Collection

top benefits of plus size collection

Hirawats medical uniforms are popular in the medical industry for a plethora of reasons.

Comfortable to Wear

Medical professionals have to practice rigorously day in and day out. The butter-soft fabric and higher air permeability of these scrubs can provide them maximum comfort to healthcare professionals.

The medical uniform allows plenty of space around your waist, arms and legs for better mobility.


All the Hirawats plus size scrubs have a higher abrasion resistance and bursting strength that won’t snag or pull when you move around. 

With the least chances of abrasion, these medical scrubs ensure your uniforms will last for long. So, you don’t have to buy a new pair anytime soon.

Better Wicking

If you want to wick away moisture while moving around, Hirawats plus-size friendly scrub is your ideal option.

The moisture-resistant scrubs allow doctors and nurses to work freely for longer stretches of hours without worrying about nasty odours.

About Hirawats

Hirawats has delivered excellent quality uniforms for schools and the professional world for over six decades. 

With their deep knowledge of the textile industry, today’s company aims to revolutionise the market by designing comfortable, durable, and custom-fitted workwear for healthcare professionals.