Hirawats Launches High-performance Sustainable Medical Scrubs for Women (Press Release)

Performance Medical Scrub

Hirawats online, the industry leader in uniforms and workwear in the apparel industry, has launched premium athleisure stretch half sleeve medical Scrubs for female healthcare professionals with a comfortable fabric that will allow them to look professional all day long.

The online store will make it easier for medical professionals to get their hands on premium high-quality scrubs that will sit comfortably on their skin and allow them optimal functionality.

Professional Look and Safety

With the launch of these blue and black premium scrubs, Hirawats has proven its legacy of 66 years and showed why it remains India’s leading uniform and workwear company.

With a V-neck styling, the scrubs blend a unique combination of style, functionality, and comfort. 

The latest women’s stretch performance medical scrubs are made of poly-spandex material that makes them ideal for doctors, surgeons, nurses, dental assistants, medical schools, science labs, and EMTs due to their anti-bacterial, moisture-wicking, and anti-bacterial properties.

These properties ensure that the medical professionals stay dry, cool, and safe all day along with developing a professional aura that comes through the scrubs.

Product Features

Hirawats has developed a culture of caring and enhancing the lives of medical professionals by offering better apparel that is made of high-quality fabrics, superior fit, and got a hint of modern styling.

The reason this blue-black medical scrub for women stands out above the rest is because of its brilliant features. 

Features of performance scrub
  • Anti-bacterial technology for odor protection and inhibit the growth of bacteria, yeast, algae, and microorganisms. 
  • Anti-bacterial technology increases the lifespan of the product by preventing the growth of microorganisms that cause fabric damage. 
  • Along with being anti-bacterial, it is moisture-wicking, anti-wrinkle, durable, and incredibly soft. 
  • Tailored V-neck styling for a modern and professional look. 
  • Made with poly-spandex material. 
  • The top has a V-neck, half sleeves and four pockets. 
  • The bottom is completely elastic with drawstrings.
  • 2 side pockets, 1 back pocket, and 1 side knee zip pockets. 
  • 8 pockets in one set to carry around medical equipment and personal belongings easily. 
  • Can be easily washed by hands or by a washing machine. 

About Hirawats

Founded in 1954, Hirawats is a leader in design innovation in the professional apparel industry. Abik Hirawat and Anik Hirawat, the 3rd generation entrepreneurs, have taken the brand to a whole new level through their expertise in apparel design and have made Hirawats the go-to brand for parents and professionals.