Get Customized Face Masks at Budget-Friendly Price from Hirawats Online

Customized face masks with suitable to the dresses

With the increasing risk of contracting the virus, it becomes vital to take precautionary measures. It involves maintaining proper hygiene, social distancing, and wearing masks. Customized face masks are one of the most inexpensive and effective products available in today’s time. It has become impossible to go outside without protective outdoor masks as it has become a necessary part of the lifestyle.

There are various face masks available ranging from disposable surgical masks, N95, and DIY cloth masks. One can get a face mask with a comfortable fit along with a trendy statement printed at Hirawats. We offer a wide range of personalized face masks for any design, style, aesthetic, or budget.

Use Personalized Face Mask to encourage Safety and Wellness

From business, learning facilities to government institutions, face masks are universal for health and safety. Wearing an adjustable face mask is one of the effective ways to prevent the spread of the virus. With customized face masks, you can create any design to satisfy trendy style and personal needs. One can wear personalized face masks at religious celebrations, family functions, parties, or other special events. A top-notch quality, printed, or unprinted face mask lets you express yourself while keeping you safe and protected.

Face Mask with different colors

Create your Own Mask by adding your Text, Logo, or Design

Buying personalized cotton masks at Hirawats means you can have them perfectly customized according to the style you want. Whether it’s about adding fashionable design, text, or logo, one can invest in top-quality by shopping at Hirawats. The best designs feature soft elastic earloop and are well-designed to fit any wearer.

Benefits of Hirawats Face Masks

Soft and Breathable

Customized face masks available at Hirawats are designed from the top materials, which make them soft and breathable. Even when printed to customer specifications, these masks do not lose their softness. These masks offer top-notch protection against germs and dust and ensure easy breathing.

Adequate Protection

Custom face masks offer adequate protection against dirt and grime. Available in different shapes and sizes, these masks provide comprehensive safety.

Washable and Reusable

The best part about shopping for personalized face masks at Hirawats is that these are reusable. You can refresh your cotton face masks by washing them with the normal laundry. It cuts down on disposable items use and saves money.

Masks with different Shapes and Styles


Variety of Options

Face masks featuring moisture control polyester can be customized in different designs, shapes, and styles. One can design their face mask, and then experts of Hirawats will print either with the simple style or graphics on it.


Fastening and elasticated are durable and can protect the wearer from infectious diseases. These masks offer comfortable breathing along with convenience and effortless to use.

Unique Colors

One can enjoy a mask in any color along with a convenient flat fold while shopping at Hirawats. Depending on the colors you like, you can have your mask customized that matches your amazing style. Pick among the available colors and choose the style that best suits you.


  • Made of breathable material
  • Easy to carry and care
  • Excellent Protection
  • Foldable
  • Extremely comfortable to wear

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. What is the Mask made of?
    A. Face masks are made with polyester fabric. These feature elastic ear straps and are reusable.
  1. 2. How can I design my Mask?
    A. You can customize your face mask by adding any logo, design, photo, or text to them.
  1. 3. Can I buy a plain white mask?
    A. Yes, you can purchase a plain white mask or of any color of your choice and style.
  1. 4. Can I reuse the Mask?
    A. Yes, these masks can be washed after use and thus reusable.


Wearing a face mask is one of the critical steps you can take to help protect yourself as well as other people. The use of face masks along with other preventive measures can help prevent transmission of the virus. One can customize these masks with a logo, design, or any text at the best prices. At Hirawats, you will find customized masks featuring cotton finish inner layer, washable, and involve ear holding straps. The customized face masks feature a comfortable fit covering the nose and mouth entirely with the least slippage. Whether it’s about choosing among different colors, designs, or softness, we pride ourselves on offering the best services you want.