Difference Between ‘Performance Scrub' Vs. Traditional Scrub Fabric

Difference Between ‘Performance Scrub’ Vs. Traditional Scrub Fabric

Performance Scrub Vs. Traditional Scrub

Scrubs are the medical workwear that the entire medical staff, including the doctors, surgeons, nurses, and other medical practitioners, wear during their work hours. 

Hirawats offer a plethora of options of medical scrubs in different qualities and colours. These scrubs also act as a sense of uniformity and uniqueness among the medical staff and for them respectively.

However, as the modern trends are changing, so are the needs of the people. 

This has also changed the demands for medical scrubs and workwear in terms of quality and affordability. 

Traditional medical scrubs are also being replaced by performance medical scrubs in a large quantity. 

Specifications of Performance Scrub

Performance Medical Scrubs

Modern-day performance scrubs are a blend of poly rayon and spandex material, mostly with the contents being 95% and 5% respectively. 

These are antibacterial scrubs with an easy stretch property. The performance medical scrubs from Hirawats are also popular as anti-wrinkle scrubs and have a skin-friendly material. 

Here are the types of performance scrubs available with Hirawats:

Blue Black Performance Scrubs for Female
Blue Black Easy stretch Medical Scrubs for Male
Blue Black Easy Stretch Medical Scrubs for Female
Black Half sleeve Easy Stretch Scrubs for Male
Black Half sleeve Easy Stretch Scrubs for Female
Athleisure Stretch Scrubs for Male
Athleisure Stretch Scrubs for Female

These performance scrubs are the comfy scrub that lasts longer and has a piece of breathable fabric and awesome quality scrubs that are the best fit for medical professionals and staff and are perfect for all-day usage.

Apart from that also available in spun fabric and designer and customizable ranges with the availability of multiple sizes and fits for all the demographics.

Traditional Scrubs (Half Sleeve, Full Sleeve, Reversible)

Traditional Medical Scrubs

Traditional medical scrubs were also available as half sleeve scrubs and full sleeve scrubs

However, there were not many comfy scrubs and were also not extra resistant to bacterial infections and other germ infections.

Furthermore, the cloth quality also breathable and these traditional medical scrubs are longer-lasting and all-day-long usage.

With the traditional medical scrubs, wearing them throughout the day was hectic and not at all convenient for the staff. 

This was the major reason behind the need to get performance scrubs and replace traditional medical scrubs with them.


To get the best antibacterial scrubs that are comfortable and last longer, performance scrubs are preferable to traditional medical scrubs. 

Doctors have hectic jobs and have to be available for their patients throughout the day. Amid such hectic schedules, it is essential to ensure breathable fabric in the workwear and have a plethora of options for them to choose from. 

Hirawats is the right online store to fulfill all the demands for workwear or a uniform, be it a customizable one or a designer and printed one with different color shades.