Customised Medical Scrubs in India with Branding

Customized Medical Scrubs with Brandng

Medical scrubs are a haven for medical professionals. The standard protocol ensures that every medical professional put on their medical scrubs during their scheduled and unscheduled hours. This is why doctors trust in the durability and credibility of Hirawats medical scrubs for doctors and nurses.

At Hirawats, you avail the best quality, skin-friendly, wrinkle-free, and customized medical scrubs. Wear your logo and credentials proudly with Hirawats exceptional in-house embroidery services with printable technology.

Customized Medical Scrubs in India

Medical scrubs play a vital role- they not only protect the individual and display their position and diploma. Hirawats are delegated as India’s top manufacturer as we provide a plethora of options, including customizable prints, without compromising on the high-quality and durable material. 

Hirawats serve their clients with personalized, customizable medical scrubs as per their preference. It means that clients can customize their preferred color, designs, sleeve lengths, and even prints.  

You get the added privilege of adding your logos and credentials to your custom scrubs with perfection. 

Medical Scrubs with own branding

Customize Medical Scrubs the way you like at Hirawats Online

Displaying your name and title on your medical scrubs or medical uniforms is the closest it gets to wearing your diploma on your chest. Hirawats in-house services present customized scrubs and personalized lab coats with a level of excellence that meets the industry’s standards, from name and title/designation to custom logo designs and embroidery.

At Hirawats online store, you can customize your medical scrubs by adding your choice’s graphic designs. We at Hirawats offer printed scrubs, where you can add colors, textures and add your branding to elevate your scrubs’ look.

Customization of all Sizes

Fitting is an ongoing problem as most brands fail to offer sizes beyond the regular fit. A perfectly fit medical scrubs play a crucial role in boosting your confidence and helps you be more productive and comfortable at work. 

At Hirawats, we customize you with fits as per your preference to provide ease and comfort. With Hirawats custom medical scrubs, you can easily customize adjustments to certain aspects such as the length of the sleeves, the ease at the waist and hip area, and the required additional body length, which is essential for a plus size buddy.

Doctor's Scrubs with Pockets

Addition of Pockets

Additional pockets play a vital role for all healthcare professionals as they carry around personal belonging like a pen, notepad, and other medical products. Hirawats medical come already available with pockets, and the best part is that you can add additional pockets at your convenience.

Custom Stitching Available

You can custom stitch at your doorstep from Hirawats online store. Our highly trained tailors ensure that you get your medical scrubs stitched as per your preference and choice. 

If you need tall scrub pants or petite scrubs, we will alter your medical scrubs to your exact inseam. These alterations will upgrade your professionalism and help you feel more professional wearing properly fitting custom scrubs.

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Why Choose Hirawats for Custom Embroidered Scrubs and Medical Uniforms?

Hirawats online store is the best way to customize your design and fit your choice and preference. You can purchase premium quality scrubs in a range of colors like pink scrubs, navy blue scrubs, sea green medical scrubs, and more. 

By choosing Hiarwats for your customization of medical scrubs, you add your branding from name and title/designation to custom logo designs and embroidery to enliven your professionalism. Hirawats offers wrinkle-free medical scrubs of premium quality at affordable pricing, which makes life and shopping easier. 

Without a doubt, Customized Medical Scrubs is bliss to all medical professionals. Here at Hirawats, avail the best quality medical scrubs to not only protect you from contagious bacteria and germs but also amp up your professionalism and style. You can avail yourself ten per cent off on Medical scrubs at Hirawats online store for any bulk order