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Medical Professionals with Lab Coats

With Covid in surge and a rapid rise in the health and life risks, there has been a gradual increase in the number of frontliners, including the health workers and the time they put in for their jobs. Working days and nights, under the PPE kits, the frontliners go through a hard time and help the public while risking their own lives. Hirawats, India’s No #1 lab coats provider, has a collection of skin-friendly lab coats to assist the frontliners and help them get comfort for their skin during the daily working hours.

Buy Skin Friendly Lab Coats for Frontliners at Best Prices

With an array of school and office wears available, Hirawats has the best collection of lab coats, mainly the lab coats for the frontliners. These sophisticated lab coats are available for all the demographics, in various sizes and softer cloth material. All the benefits of these unisex lab coats are assured at the best price. 

Hirawats Online Lab Coats Collections

Hirawats Online Lab Coats Collections

Hirawats provides skin-friendly lab coats with long-lasting fabrics and has multiple options available, including the following:

White full sleeve lab coats
White half sleeve lab coats
Navy blue lab coats in full sleeve
Navy blue lab coats in half sleeve
Brown (Khaki) lab coats in full sleeve
Brown (Khaki) lab coats in half sleeve
Grey full sleeve lab coats
Grey half sleeve lab coats

Hirawats also provides custom lab coats for GIMSR in whole and half sleeves apart from the above-mentioned ones for the frontliners. Custom lab coats option is also offered for bulk orders from any organization or company, and everything is seamless using the online website and budget-friendly products.

Why Choose Hirawats Lab Coats?

Hirawats has a collection of men’s lab coats and women’s lab coats which are budget-friendly and have a durable cloth quality. Furthermore, the portfolio of lab coats is available at the best price across the entire market. None other providers offer such quality and durability at an affordable cost like Hirawats.

Furthermore, Hirawats is also widely preferred because of the best lab coats online and the availability of a broader range of lab coats for wholesale prices. It offers skin-friendly lab coats that the frontliners can easily wear even during extended work hours, and that too without any skin allergies or irritations. Moreover, for bulk orders, Hirawats also offer custom lab coats according to the organisation’s needs. 

 Lab Coat with Branding

Custom Embroidery Option Available for Lab Coats

Getting the custom lab coats and access to buy skin-friendly lab coats online in the required embroideries, prints, logos, colours, and other variations is very easy with Hirawats. Even for the customised coats, Hirawats offer breathable fibres and long-lasting fibres to help take care of the health and skin of the frontliners.

Get the Best Lab Coats Online

With the extended work hours of the frontliners, Hirawats skin-friendly lab coats in breathable and long-lasting fabrics and affordable cost are the best offers available for the frontliners amid the pandemic. You can also avail some added benefits like custom lab coats for bulk orders. Reach out to Hirawats to get the best lab coats online.