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OT Gowns

Being a health worker is not an easy task. Health workers are always committed to their work, and most importantly, they are responsible for keeping the medical premises clean and tidy for the patients. The best way to keep the healthcare facility clean is to wear medical scrubs or OT Gowns. Medical scrubs act as a protective shield and help keep the health care facility safe for the patients and the workers.

India’s Leading Medical Scrubs Online Store

If you are searching for a place from where you can buy surgical scrubs, Patient Gowns, and Surgical Scrubs, then Hirawats online is the right place. By shopping from us, you get hassle-free product delivery. We provide various scrubs, which include Custom OT Gowns, Skin Friendly OT Gowns, and Hospital Surgical Scrub. You can also place a bulk order with us, as we are scrub wholesale suppliers.

Reusable OT Gowns (Operation Theater Gowns)

The Surgical scrubs that are available on our website are reusable. They are also reasonable in price and are sustainable for a longer period. These scrubs can be cleaned with hot water and chemicals, after which they can be reused. So, we highly recommend you to buy these hospital surgical scrubs from our website. We also provide Wholesale OT Gowns that are cost-effective.

Reusable OT Gowns

Patient Gowns

At Hirawats, we provide gowns for patients. These gowns are made for the patient’s comfort and keep the hospital environment clean and safe. These Patient gowns will also help in the easy identification of the patients.

Stain-resistant and Reusable

We provide scrubs that are stain-resistant and mostly reusable. We use the best fabric for medical uniforms, which makes our product sustainable for a longer period.

Highly Durable

The medical scrubs available on our websites are highly durable and last for a more extended period. So, we provide Skin-friendly OT gowns that are made for wearing during long working hours.

Extremely Comfortable

We provide the most breathable scrubs, comfortable to wear for the doctors during long hours of operations. We use the best fabric for medical uniforms, and that makes our scrubs extremely comfortable.

Available in Different Colors and Styles

It often becomes challenging to identify healthcare professionals in different posts, in a Hospital’s chaotic environment. So, we have designed our medical scrubs in different colours and styles that provide easy identification of healthcare workers.

Custom Scrubs and Medical Uniforms

Custom Scrubs & Embroidered Medical Uniforms

By shopping from Hirawats online, you can get access to Custom OT Gowns. You can also add your own branding, which makes it more professional. You can also add different embroidery designs and styles to look different.


Hirawats is India’s leading online store that provides OT Gowns. We also deal in wholesale OT Gowns as we are online scrub wholesale suppliers. We have designed the most breathable scrubs that are incredibly comfortable to wear. You can also customize your scrubs and add your own branding for a more professional look by shopping from us.