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Lab Coats for Medical Students

Lab Coats are a standard that sets those working in a laboratory or with patient care apart from others around them. Not only that, but they also prevent the spread of contamination outside the lab and provide protection of personal clothing and skin from small splashes and incidental contact. 

They also give a removable barrier in the event that there is a splash or a spill of any hazardous substances. Functionality aside, they can sometimes look a little plain, but this does not have to be the case when you can get coats from Hirawats.

Laboratory Coat Information

Lab coat standards differ from place to place depending on what field and what hazardous materials you’re dealing with. In some places, you can have full sleeve lab coats, but in other places, these full sleeve lab coats can inhibit movement. 

Now when we talk about why lab coats are white, the answer goes back to the end of the 19th century when there was great progress in medicine and the importance of hygiene was recognized. This is why even today, lab coats are whiteand this has been one of the lab coat standards since then, adhering to the symbolism of the white signifying hope and the coat is a symbol of a healer.

Types of Lab Coats

There are several types of lab coats, and they are all dependent on if you work with patient care or in a laboratory. 

Hirawats understands this, and on their website, you can browse through the types of lab coats till you find what you need. They sell coats of different colors and sleeve lengths, and you can even customize them. 

Lab Coats for Lab Technicians

Properties of Protective Clothing Materials

If you’re asking what are lab coats made of, Hirawats make sure to use fabric that is comfortable, soft, skin-friendly, and is low shrinkage. 

They understand the reasons to wear a lab coat and know that coats need to be safe, easily washable, comfortable, and they need to last long.

This means that you can trust Hirwats with their lab coats as they understand the reasons to wear lab coats, and the answer to what lab coats are made of is suiting fabric. 

Blue, White, Grey, Sky Blue, Pink colored Lab Coats

Select Lab Coat/Doctor Apron Using the Recommendations:

Hirawats has white lab coats, brown lab coats, navy blue lab coats and even a designer Raymond lab coat of different sleeve lengths. You can choose your colors and sleeve length based on the rules of the place you work at.

Types and Colors of Laboratory Coats

As mentioned, they have navy blue lab coats, brown lab coats, white lab coats, and designer and luxurious Raymond lab coats. 

White, of course, is the standard colour and the other two options are great as they are dark and help if you want to avoid the coats looking stained, something that can happen in this field. 


Hirawats offers the best lab coats with any and all specifications that you can think of. 

You can get them customised to size and also get them embroidered for the sake of personalisation. 

Their coats are not just comfortable but are also designer because they understand that while coats need to be plain, they don’t need to be boring. 

You can get comfort and luxury for really affordable prices with Hirawats. 

They are the top manufacturers for a reason and are practically unmatched in the services that they offer customers.