Buy Designer Lab Coats: Raymond Lab Coats for Men & Women

Designer Lab Coats

As a professional, your lab coat might be the last detail you even pay attention to, but it’s the first detail people notice when you pass by. A lab coat acquired at Hirawats can refine your practice lab coats with an elevated level of sophistication that traverses beyond the status quo whites. These coats are sustainable, ultra-smooth, extra comfortable, and of premium quality.

To stand up to your most demanding ways, buy designer lab coats and flaunt your perfect and comfortable fit without running out of style in white.

Custom Made & Hand Tailored Designer Lab Coats

Most people often feel that their lab coats are mundane outfits that blend with their busy schedule. Lab coats are the most underrated uniforms, and Hirawats custom made and hand-tailored designer fabrics give each individual the feel of luxury, style, and comfort. 

Hirawats favours tailoring techniques over mass production to ensure that the designer lab coats are shaped with sharp lines, thoughtful details, and trim silhouettes. 

Custom Made Lab Coats

The tailored lab coats help you add additional features of your choice like smartly-place pockets, adjustable and flexible sizing, and lengthening of the skin friendly lab coats so that you can shine in hard-working hospitals and laboratories. 

Hirawats lab coats give nothing like the fit and feel of perfect hand-tailored clothing apparel.

Raymond Lab Coats for Men & Women

The initiative of introducing Raymond lab coats for men and women by Hirawats in their collection screams the difference between the effort undertaken for hand-crafted lab coats over the typical, mass-produced uniforms. 

The Raymond collection of lab coats are perfectly designed to provide safety with the premises of your practice. The uniform is made of premium quality fabrics that offer ultra-durability to repeated washings, blended cloths, ultra-smooth scrubs, extra comfort, and sustainable medical scrubs for your staff and lab coats for healthcare professionals. This most trusted brand in India offers the best and excellent quality fabric for affordable pricing, making shopping easier!

Raymond Collection Lab Coats

Custom Embroidery Option Available

The best is not yet revealed. The most highlighted option is the availability of custom embroidery options by Hirawats online. Hirawats offers the opportunity for you to custom embroider your name, designation, title, and diploma on your plain dull lab coats.

Hirawats offers in-house services that provide personalization and customization of lab coats with a level of excellence that meets the industry’s standards, from branding to custom logo designs and embroidery.

Why choose Hirawats for Designer Lab Coats

Hirawats online is your heavenly abode to customize your simple and mundane-looking lab coats. You can amplify your plain white lab coat at both design and fit of your choice and preference. By choosing Hiarwats, you avail the customization of lab coats, giving you the feel of luxury and designer-made. 

You can start small by adding your name and title/designation to custom logo designs and embroidery to enliven your professionalism. Hirawats offers premium quality material made of blended fabrics, extra comfort and ease, ultra-smooth scrubs, highly durable, and sustainable medical scrubs that make life uniform stress-free.

10% Discount on Bulk Orders

Special Discount on Bulk Orders

Apart from other considerations in terms of quality, credibility, exemplary service, designs and customization, another reason why you should choose Hirawats Online is their special discounts on every bulk order. 

For every bulk order you purchase above 10,000, you avail a special discount of 10 per cent off, which reduces the payable amount, in the long run, Unisex lab coats. 

The special discount is just a part of the Hirawats Online flagship. You will also acquire and cross paths with other additional discounts overtime to make the best use of the opportunity to purchase the best designer lab coats in India.


There is no doubt that designers feel an odd satisfaction of bliss to all medical professionals and staff. Here at Hirawats, you cross paths and acquire the most premium Raymond medical scrubs and lab coats that not only secures your overall protection but also elevates your style and professionalism. You can avail yourself ten percent off every purchase above 10,000. This is your call to buy designer lab coats from Hirawats.