How to Choose the Best Uniform Fabrics for your Restaurant Staff?


Uniform Fabrics are always important. Especially in the Restaurant industry.

Eating out for many people is an act of indulgence. As a restaurant owner or management, you need to keep in mind that it is your duty to give your customer the best experience possible.

This would include having your staff in crisp uniforms that are in line with the theme of your restaurant. If you’re wondering what are the best uniform fabrics and how to choose the best uniform fabrics for your restaurant means? We’ll cover that in this post. Hirawats the No.1 Brand of Uniforms brings out the tips to select the best uniform fabrics for your restaurant Staff.

Best Restaurant Uniform Fabrics

To make the best decision you have to keep below points in your mind to choose the perfect uniform fabric.

  • Ensure the design of the uniform follows the theme of your restaurant.
  • Choose a fabric that can easily be made in various sizes and look the same.
  • The breathability of the fabric is very important given your staff has to wear them for long hours and be comfortable enough to serve. Ensure that the fabric absorbs sweat very well.
  • Choose a material that is cheap enough to buy in bulk for all your staff and does not look flimsy.
  • If you choose a material that can only be dry cleaned then you would find yourself replacing the uniforms more often than needed.
  • Avoid hard to maintain materials.
  • Choosing the best uniform fabrics is a fine balance between style, comfort, durability, and cost-effectiveness.

Some Pros and Cons of a few Materials in the Market are:

1) Your uniforms having a small % of elastane will ensure that the fit is perfect and looks great.

2) Wool is very versatile and can be worn in summer and wintertime.

3) Nylon can look clingy and cause great discomfort when worn all day long and ran around in.

4) Going for cotton or viscose can be great for active staff with its high breathability and tendency to absorb cotton

5) Getting your restaurant staff uniform will help in repelling dirt and grime. Making the uniforms last longer than usual and also eliminate the unsightly appearance of marks on the uniform.

When choosing your fabric to have 2 variants:

One for the client-facing staff, ex wait staff, bartender, receptionist, etc.., for them to choose a fabric that looks stylish and comfortable.

The way this variation looks is of importance too. For the cooking and behind the scenes staff who maintain, comfort is most important.

Given its a restaurant choose a material that repels fire to ensure safety. Use the same restaurant insignia on all of them and maybe even the same color will tie the look of your entire staff together. Being in the service industry we have to remember that our customers are our biggest asset.

To be able to serve them better we have to have the best resources available. From serving great food to giving the best service possible. The Chef and his team and the serving staff will help us achieve that. So choosing the best uniform fabrics within our budget is a very significant task.