Best Medical Scrub Fabric Picks: Everything you need to know Fabrics

Medical Scrub Fabric

Medical scrubs are widely used by doctors, nurses, and medical examiners throughout their daily schedules. They must be highly comfortable and made of softer and lovely fabrics for serving such a common purpose. 

Hirawats fabrics are the best medical scrub fabric picks to ensure the ease that the frontliners deserve amid their regular job schedules. Especially crafted medical scrubs are available widely with a premium fabric quality with the best fit and higher durability.

What are the Best Medical Scrubs Fabric Picks?

Are you often stuck with the question of what are the best medical scrub fabrics to choose from? Well, there are four main and most comforting scrub fabric types, which are:

  1. Cotton
  2. Polyester
  3. Rayon
  4. Spandex

These medical scrub fabrics are widely popular due to their unique properties. Apart from these, there are also a few scrub brands with a blend of these fabrics to offer better comfort and longer life. Blended fabrics are also easily maintainable. A few popular blended best medical scrub fabrics are Poly Viscose, Poly Cotton, Poly rayon, etc.

poly viscose fabric

Poly Viscose

Polyviscose fabric is a blend of polyester and viscose. This blended scrub fabric is pocket-friendly with higher quality assurance for the users. It can generally be described as a semi-synthetic or a semi-natural fiber. Poly Viscose is also highly capable of retaining lovely drapes and ensuring a comforting feel like standard viscose. Therefore, its touch is also highly natural for handling.

With the added polyester, poly-viscose is machine washable and can be tumble dried, making it easier to handle the scrubs made of it. This blended fiber is also robust, and therefore it is perfect for daily wearable scrubs and serves well for commercial settings.

When discussing the scrub fabrics that people love, poly-viscose offers a better breath and wicking sensation than other blended artificial fibers. It also has a uniquely attractive luster and can be heat-set, thus making it an ideal choice for various clothing wears, including being a top pick of medical scrub fabric.

Why do Hirawats use spun fabrics/ Poly Viscose?

Spun fabrics offer better quality and comfort for the users, making them a top pick of medical scrub fabric. Polyviscose has a longer life and better washable quality. It is also pocket-friendly for the buyers, making it preferred by Hirawats to make scrub fabrics that people love. The fiber is also suitable for allergic skin and has better absorbing properties, which adds to preferring them for regular wear scrubs. 

Spun Fabric Vs. Poly Viscose

Polyviscose is also recommended and preferred widely for medical scrubs because they are light weighted and softer and can also maintain a proper shape. Also, it is easily manageable to offer a neat appearance to the medical staff.


Medical scrubs serve an essential purpose in the lives of the entire medical staff, and it is essential to choose the perfect scrub fabrics to ensure that the people wearing them get higher comfort. Hirawats offer scrubs with spun fabrics and also have embroidery available to fascinate global users. It is highly recommended to only go for the best medical scrub fabric picks to ensure that you have the best wearing time with it.