Best 10 Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Medical Scrubs in Good Shape

Best 10 Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Medical Scrubs in Good Shape

Doctors and nurses provide round-the-clock care to the sick and are always on the move. This busy schedule makes paying close attention to chores like cleaning extremely challenging. However, one specific type of cleansing requires their undivided attention: medical uniform scrubs. These are not just garments but like their badge of honor and therefore require utmost care. Following are ten easy tips on how to keep nursing scrubs in a tip-top shape.

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The Pre-Treatment

1. The Pre-Treatment

Unlike other new clothes, the first step in handling nursing scrubs is to go for pre-treatment with cold water and half a cup of vinegar. This neat little trick helps maintain the color and protect it from fading with regular use.

Separate Scrubs from Laundry

2. Separate Scrubs from Laundry

A vital thing to consider while cleaning scrubs like the Hirawats medical scrub is to wash them separately. They often contract contagious diseases, bodily fluids like blood, vomit, etc. And thus require regular disinfectant, unlike normal clothes, and should be treated separately as a safety measure.

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3. Color-Safe Stain Remover

3. Color-Safe Stain Remover

While buying uniform scrubs onlinethe label says to use color-safe detergent. Scrubs get stained from blood, vomit, liquid medicine, iodine, etc. Without color-safe stain removers, the scrubs can get discolored quickly.

The Cold Water Wash

4. The Cold Water Wash

Once the stain removal process is complete, go for a cold wash with regular detergent. However, make sure to flip your scrubs inside out and set the load size to large in the washing machine.

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The Second Warm Cycle

5. The Second Warm Cycle

The next step is to check for leftover stains and conduct a hot water rinse. During this, keep in mind to add at least 3to 4 cups of color-safe bleach to the mix as an effective disinfectant.

Drying Mechanism

6. Drying Mechanism

A critical step in safekeeping the best medical scrubs in India is to dry them for 30 minutes at a high temperature. You can either use a dryer or go old school in an open space under the sun. The motive here is to eliminate any lingering bacteria.

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Time to Iron

7. Time to Iron

Ironing is a mandatory stage as it helps the scrubs to look neat and clean. Moreover, the step is like an extra precautionary measure against rigid germs and bacteria.

A Rigorous Inspection

8. A Rigorous Inspection

Before folding and putting away the neatly ironed scrubs, there is one thing that needs to be done first: examining them properly. This is to pinpoint any wear and tear, loose threads, minor holes, stains, etc., and mend them accordingly.

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Only Wear Scrubs at Work

9. Only Wear Scrubs at Work

Nursing scrubs are worn daily and all day long. Hence, the recommendation is to avoid using them outside the premises. Keeping them away from the general public can help prevent contamination and acknowledge infection control protocols.

Avoid Cosmetics

10. Avoid Cosmetics

Products like perfume and lotions can leave behind stains on the nursing scrubs resulting in patches of discoloration. Therefore, make sure to apply them directly to your skin and wait a while for them to get soaked before putting on the scrubs.

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These days nursing scrubs can be found in some of the best scrubs stores and online platforms like Hirawats and others. They allow customized products based on one’s specifications and a complete guide on keeping them as good as new over time.