5 Great Reasons to Choose Hirawats School & College Uniforms

Hirawats School & College Uniforms

School and college uniforms are an essential part of every school and college-going student’s life. Students have to endure uniforms inclusive of curricular activities in uniforms. This means that school and college uniforms must fulfil the basic necessity of comfort throughout the day. To acquire the best uniform with excellent characteristic features, Hirawats online store is the best-recommended store. 

Hirawats is an online leading uniform manufacturer in India that offers flexible, skin-friendly, long-lasting, growth proof and sustainable uniform fabrics. There are multiple reasons to choose Hirawats school uniforms. However, the top five reasons have been answered in this article.

Five Great Reasons to Choose Hirawats School Uniforms

Hirawats is known for its uniform manufacturing across the country. However, here are five distinct reasons that will make you purchase uniforms without needing to think twice at the Hirawats Online store. 


Comfortable uniforms impact students’ productivity and happiness as they spend a lot of time at school in uniform. Comfort can even impact student’s satisfaction. Hirawats’s flexible uniforms offer the ability to resist permanent deformation under any circumstances, keeping the students at maximum comfort. The use of suitable fabrics makes Hirawats uniform not just soft but also highly flexible and resistant to conditions. 

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Skin-Friendly Uniforms

Hirawats uniforms are composed of skin-friendly fabric, which lets the student’s skin breathe naturally without causing any abrasions or irritations. Hirawats uniforms are made of the most durable skin-friendly material- poly-cotton. 

Hirawats skin-friendly uniforms go a long way in providing comfort and protection to the individual from harmful chemicals, radiation, germs, dust, pollutants, dirt, and sweat during their eight to ten hours in a school environment. A few of Hirawats school and college uniforms are even hypoallergenic and protect your child’s skin at all costs.

Long-Lasting or Durability

Durability is the most effective way to extend the life of the uniform garments. Hirawats uniforms are long-lasting and remain highly durable even when subjected to constant wear and tear. School uniforms go under the turmoil of instances like fights, fall and are highly prone to wear and tear. 

Hirawats uniforms for school and colleges are composed of long-lasting and durable material that can withstand the child’s depreciation during curricular activities. Additionally, Hirawats uniforms also save resources and battles the challenge of excessive production and overconsumption.

Grow-Proof Uniforms

Every parent’s primary concern is their child outgrowing their uniforms. Children experience consistent growth during their teenage years and pre-pubescent years. However, in the long run, this is not economically beneficial for parents as they need to purchase new uniforms every year constantly. 

Hirawats Online offers grow-proof and durable uniforms from a range of shirts to blazers at affordable pricing to save you from your misery. So, to prevent unnecessary costs and to become economically beneficial, you can purchase school and college uniforms online at the Hirawats Online store. 

Sustainable Fabric Uniforms

Hirawats uniforms are thoughtfully manufactured, keeping in mind the level of functionality, comfort and environmental impact. Hirawats Online store offers sustainable uniforms that are eco-friendly and that have a high resistance to the playground. 

The sustainable uniforms are long-lasting, comfortable and come avail at an affordable price range. Sustainable uniforms also encourage students to become conscious consumers.

Custom School & College Uniform Designing is Available

You can purchase the best and premium school and college uniforms from Hirawats Online as they are crowned as the leading uniform manufacturers in India. The additional and the most exclusive benefit is that you can custom design your uniforms from Hirawats, residing from any city or state across India.

Customized Uniforms for School and Colleges

Hirawats offer customisation in terms of sizes and fit. You can easily buy your child’s school or college uniform of the desired length, height and fit, all at affordable pricing. You can even save the hassle of running up and down various stores and haggling over surprising price rates. Hirawats Online eliminates all such problems.

Buy School Uniforms from Hirawats for Wholesale Prices

Hirawats is known as India’s No.1 uniform provider as it is the only wholesale uniform provider throughout the country. The Hirawats uniform comprises durable fabric, skin-friendly, breathable fabric, butter soft and comfortable material with customizable designs. You can avail the best feature school and college uniforms for wholesale prices only at Hirawats online. 

10% Additional Discount on Bulk Orders

You are also given a choice to purchase premium quality uniforms in bulk for an affordable price range with exclusive discounts. Hirawats is widely popular as it offers customers what it promises- premium quality and best feature assurance at an affordable price kit.

The foundation established in 1954 aimed to satisfy the customers and remains firm in its promise. Hirawats online store manufactures school and college uniforms keeping in mind the comfort of the students. 

With its constant upgrades, ethical considerations, innovative mechanism, Hirawats Online store has built an establishment that offers multiple reasons to choose Hirawats school uniforms. The trust established makes the Online store the most fashionable, ethical, innovative, and most affordable choice for school uniforms