40+ Washes but still Soft on Skin Hirawats Scrubs

Durable Scrubs

Whenever we go to any established medical institution, we see their staff wearing a uniform. The doctors, nurses especially wear uniforms, and another staff is known as “Scrubs” in medical terms. The medical staff has to wear these scrubs the whole time and hence they must be comfortable. 

Soft on skin Hirawats Scrubs is the first choice to go for when choosing Scrubs: Doctor’s trust. These scrubs are known to be the best breathable scrubs because of their high-quality cotton, which stays gentle on and lets your skin breathe. Even after going through multiple strict rounds of cleaning, these scrubs remain in the original colour and the best condition.

Why go for Hirawats Scrubs?

You might be thinking that why are we suggesting you a Hirawats Scrubs? These scrubs are made up of the best quality and durable material. If you are not convinced, then no worries, the following enlisted reasons will definitely convince you.

Scrubs with own branding

Add your own Branding

With an added privilege of branding, the manufacturer offers you the best quality and skin-friendly fabric of the scrubs. You can add branding to your scrubs. It can be as simple as adding a logo and make them your very own customized scrubs.

Available in different Colors and Sleeves

Hirawats scrubs are available in many colour and size variants with options for length of sleeves as per the user’s comfort. They can choose Long sleeve scrubs or half sleeve scrubs as per their preference.

Customization as per your choice

Hirawatsonline offers a wide range of affordable scrubs. Moreover, you have guessed it right that the scrubs have an added benefit, i.e., you can have your own customized scrubs on which you can add your branding. Get these scrubs in the colour of your choice with the length of the preferable sleeve that suits you. And, you will be amazed after getting your desired scrub.

Advantages of Using “Soft on skin Hirawats Scrubs”

Now let’s talk about the advantages you get when you use an affordable medical scrub that has doctors’ trust. 

Affordable and Topnotch Medical scrubs

Hirawats scrubs are very pocket friendly. They are highly affordable scrubs, yet they are known to be top-notch medical scrubs as they are great on quality. Even at such a low price, they can maintain the product quality, which says a lot about the brand.

Skin-Friendly Fabrics

The fabric used in making the scrubs is high-grade quality cotton. Also, cotton is known for being an extremely skin-friendly fabric. This makes the scrub breathable and wonderfully comfortable to wear. Hirawats medical scrubs are ideal for a full day at a stretch. The fabric doesn’t irritate the skin at all.

Half Sleeve and Full Sleeve Scrubs

Great in Comfort

The scrubs tick the box of the requirement that it should be great in comfort. These top-notch medical scrubs are easy to carry with the added benefit of easy cleaning. The medical scrubs get cleaned by using harsh chemicals and heat for sanitation. They need more cleaning than your day to day clothes. Hirawats scrubs withstand the tough cleaning process and are still very soft and gentle on the skin.

Doctor’s Trust

Most of the medical practitioners and staff have immense faith in the Hirawats medical scrubs. These scrubs have been approved by the doctors and other medical staff as well. These medical scrubs met all the standards and expectations of its users.

40+ Washes but still Sustain its Color

Last but certainly not least, the scrubs keep their color intact even after frequent washes. Most of the other brands lose their color, and the fabric becomes tacky after a few washes. However, Soft on Skin Hirawats Scrubs maintains its color after over 40 washes.

Approved by Doctors

After knowing how good Hirawats scrubs can be, this is how to get your hands on them. Reach out to them on their online store hirawatsonline directly and surf their range of medical scrubs. Want to place a bulk order or ask any questions? Ring a bell on 

+91 9885053576. You can even mail your issues and queries to them at [email protected] They provide free delivery at various locations, and free returns are also part of their policy. The facility of paying your entire amount in cash at the delivery time (CoD) is also available.


Medical scrubs are essential for medical staff. They protect your personal clothing and also prevent the spread of many possibly contagious infections and viruses. Good quality and affordable scrub are medically essential. Soft on skin Hirawats Scrubs are a perfect blend of comfort and breathability. It will meet the criteria of comfort and quality. These scrubs don’t cost you a lot and are light on the pocket.